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BrokerVerified Trader
Official Website URLwww.VerifiedTrader.com
Support TypesEmail, Phone
Minimum 1st Deposit$200
Free Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, Master Card, Maestro, Diners Club, American Express, Wire Transfer, Neteller
Number of Assets70+
Overall Score9.2/10

Full Review

The investment automated systems that stand out are the ones that have a solid concept. Usually, they are based on a scientific finding or fact and further developed by a team of experienced software engineers and computer experts. Of course, it has to be directed towards the financial market and capable of delivering what was promised by its creator. A fine example of this is Verified Trader – a system designed by Simon Roper Head and Frank Hitchen.

While they does not have a background in computers, the team they gathered does. On the base of the Near Quantum Speed technology, that they worked on for several years, they have designed an automated robot that is well-respected by everyday users and professional traders alike. How did they manage to do this? Verified Trader has been around for several months and it is being by more and more online investors. This review will try and explain why it is legit.

Verified Trader System – 100% Legit and Reliable Software

This is one of the very few cases in which a Forex trading robot is as highly regarded as an online brokerage platform. This is mainly due to the fact that creators Simon Roper Head and Frank Hitchen are not some made up personality whose only purpose is to lure in users. Quite the contrary, they have quite the vast experience working on Wall Street and for prominent investment companies.

Review Verdict: Verified Trader is Not a Scam

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Other than this, the income generating solution is designed entirely to operate using innovative technology. Which has never been done before in the industry. Exactly here lies the secret to success and how exactly does the system manage to develop such a following among Internet traders. Based on all these findings, we consider VerifiedTrader System to be 100% legit and reliable. You can safely go to their official website and proceed to opening an account.

Verified Trader Software – Who is Frank Hitchen?

We are now going to focus a little bit more on the personality of creator Frank Hitchen. He has operated mainly in the high frequency trading field. While working for an upscale investment firm located in New York he started noticing the rise of digital income generating solutions and how fast their popularity was increasing. Reportedly already tired of the lifestyle of his colleagues, he decided to get out of the ‘shark tank’.

Taking the best experts from the company along with him, Mr. Hitchen wanted to make something creative, innovative and capable of earning the regular user considerable profits. The whole process took several years, but was finally completed in the beginning of 2016. Now, the Forex trading system generates between $6,000 and $9,000 to the average investor every day.

VerifiedTrader App – What is the Operational Process?

As mentioned above, the Forex automated robot utilizes the Near Quantum Speed technology. This is the algorithm type that the biggest super computers in the world use. There are very few platforms available to users that are based on it. The software can basically analyze and process financial data much faster than the most advanced Wall Street one. It gathers information concerning all major markets around the clock.

Fun Fact:

In the very near future, we will probably see the rise of many highly efficient platforms, including ones that concern online finance. Some theories, which are almost on the border of science fiction, speculate that small chips will be implanted into the human brain and the data will be stored there.

How to Get Started with the Software?

The Verified Trader sign up procedure is actually quite smooth. There is nothing complicated about it. You can just follow these simple steps:

  • Sign Up: Users have to fill out a simple form where only your name, email and telephone number are required. Then, you will receive a confirmation in your inbox and can open an account with Verified Trader.
  • Place Initial Deposit: The minimum amount is only $250, but have in mind that it is better to place a higher level of funding in order to have a better chance of profiting more.
  • Profits Withdrawal: Again, traders have to fill out a form and apply a personal ID verification. Earnings are received up to 5 business days after approval.

Review Verdict: Verified Trader is Not a Scam

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Final Thoughts

From what our team was able to find about this Forex trading system, we can safely say that it is safe and legit. Its computer algorithm is based on the unique NQS technology and can operate much faster than other income generating solutions. It is also available as a downloadable app, so that online users who prefer to invest on the go can take full advantage of its capacity and profit 24/7.

Verified Trader is preferred by many traders and continues to receive praising review. You should not hesitate to open an account and make the best of the Forex automated robot software. It will surely achieve you a favourable and successful investment outcome.


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