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 tradioneer smallForex trading has become one of the most popular methods of financial trading, largely due to the various platforms and systems that have emerged on the market making it accessible to traders of all levels of proficiency. This spike in interest has led to the development of many advanced features and tools as well as various new types of trading systems. Among the most popular of those are the Forex auto-trading systems also known as Forex robots.

The majority of Forex robots available on the market don’t give traders a lot of control over the trading process and while time-saving and easy to use they are not very diverse in terms of functionality. Tradioneer stands out in this regard because it gives traders full control over the way trades are executed with numerous customizable options and tools.

Review Verdict: Tradioneer is NOT a Scam

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Is Tradioneer a Scam System or Not?

Tradioneer is a fully legitimate Forex robot because it is integrated and compatible with a list of reputable brokers. Those brokers are licensed and regulated by CySEC, which ensures quality services, transparency and safety for traders. Regulated brokers follow strict rules and the fact that Tradioneer is compatible with licensed brokers ensures traders’ safety and security.

How Much Does Tradioneer Software Cost?

Joining Tradioneer is free. During the registration process traders have to provide only their contact information. Money is deposited only for the purpose of placing trades and the robot doesn’t charge any fees for opening an account. In addition traders also have access to a Demo Account, which enables them to practice trading without the risk of losing any money.

The Demo Account gives traders the opportunity to try out all the functionalities of a Real Money account with the only difference being that at weekends when the markets are closed it uses a simulated price feed. Overall Tradioneer allows you to test its features and tools in a safe and risk free environment.

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Special & Unique Features at Tradioneer

featuresTradioneer stands out with the numerous special features it provides. These tools enable traders to influence every aspect of the trading process and optimize the configuration of the customizable settings so that they can get the best possible results.

Indicators: Tradioneer provides six indicators that can used to determine what trading choices the software will make on your behalf: TREND, MACD, RSI, STOCH, WILLIAMS and CCI can be activated or deactivated at any time and determine trade execution according to various factors like emerging market trends, differences between moving averages and overall market conditions.

Trading Systems: With Tradioneer traders can choose from three different trading modes: Classic, Martingale and Fibonacci. All three have their advantages and can be used depending on the goals and proficiency level of the trader.

Review Verdict: Tradioneer is NOT a Scam

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Simultaneous trades: Tradioneer also presents traders with the opportunity to execute between 1-8 trades at the same time. By executing more trades simultaneously traders can significantly increase their profitability.

How Does Tradioneer Work?

Tradioneer is a web-based auto-trading robot, which doesn’t require any additional software download or installation. The robot works by identifying investment opportunities on the market, generating signals and then executing the trades directly to the linked broker account of the trader. Unlike the majority of other Forex auto-trading systems Tradioneer gives traders much more control than the basic automated trading features.

With Tradioneer traders can choose from different trading modes and a wide range of settings that allow them to implement complex strategies and minimize potential risks. The Tradioneer interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, which enables traders to quickly find the features and tools they are looking for. Tradioneer is also available for smart phones and tablets so you can stay on top of the markets even on the go.

Review Verdict: Tradioneer is NOT a Scam

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Join The Tradioneer Forex System

Using the Tradioneer Forex robot takes only three simple steps, which makes it accessible even to those who are new to Forex trading.

1. Free Sign-Up: In order to use Tradioneer you have first to register. Registration is completely free of charge and takes only a minute.

2. Trade & Profit: When you are ready to trade, you have to make a deposit. Then you can configure your settings and activate the automated execution of trades according to the parameters you have determined.

3. Withdrawal: The final step is to withdraw the profits you have made. By clicking on the “Withdrawal” button you will be transferred directly to your broker’s withdrawals page where you can proceed to placing a withdrawal request.

Final Verdict

Tradioneer is a Forex auto-trading system that stands out with its efficiency and wide range of customizable settings that give traders control over every aspect of the trading process. Furthermore, the fact that Tradioneer is integrated with regulated brokers ensures a safe and secure trading experience.


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