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BrokerTrader's Buddy
Official Website URLwww.TradersBuddy.com
Support TypesEmail, Chat
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Free Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsCredit/Debit Cart, NEO Surf, Neteller, ePay, GiroPay
Number of Assets100+
Overall Score9.5/10

Full Review

Trader’s Buddy is a brand new software that has been designed to help online traders boost profits on their Forex investments. The software was launched in early 2017, but is proving to be hugely successful.

This Forex robot offers a wide range of options to give traders more control on their trading. Investors can choose from different styles of trading, different features and options to determine how exactly they want their funds to be invested for the best possible results.

traders buddy website

The platform is also easy to work with. Traders don’t need to have prior knowledge of trading because all the learning materials and tools are available on their website. So basically, this amazing piece of software allows onvestors to learn how to trade, find out what works for them and get started in the live trading world using a trading style that fits their individual needs.  Our Trader’s Buddy review details all the major facts about this software. It can help you figure out whether this trading software is the right choice for you or not.

How To Use Trader’s Buddy?

Trader’s Buddy is a high performance Forex software that gives traders access to social trading features and helps them connect with top notch traders. During our investigation, we have been able to find out that it allows traders to use different modes. They can choose between fully automated, semi-automated and social trading modes.

The creators of Trader’s Buddy have used a very unique and innovative concept when designing the software. It is easy to use and since it is based on algorithms that produce trading signals, traders don’t need to worry about analyzing the market conditions manually.

The signals are delivered in real time to the trader’s dashboard. They are only required to choose a trading style and set their preferences before the software initiates the trading process. This Forex software matches the highest standards in the trading industry and its innovative platform allows effortless trading for newcomers too.

Download Not Required

To be able to use Trader’s Buddy, traders don’t need to download any software. They are also not required to install any plugins because it works on browser meaning that traders can access the software simply by signing into their accounts.

Getting Started with Trader’s Buddy

Creating an account with Trader’s Buddy requires only 5 minutes. The steps are pretty simple and once you complete them, you will have opened the doors to a whole range of profit making opportunities. The three steps to get started with this software are as follows:

How Much Does Trader’s Buddy Cost?

There are no down payments or monthly costs associated with using Trader’s Buddy. This revolutionary software is available for free. But, to get free access, traders must act fast. Since this is a new software, the creators are allowing a limited number of beta testers to access it for free. So while the software is still free, traders are advised to take advantage of the opportunity that is presented to them before it is too late.Traders_buddy_banner_728x90px

Is Trader’s Buddy Reliable?

Trader’s Buddy is a scam free application that is promoted through a professional website. If it was a scam software, its creators wouldn’t spend so much in designing a high quality website. In addition, the brokers linked to this software are trustworthy because they are licenses and regulated by authorities such as CySEC. Trader’s Buddy has taken measures to safeguard their reputation, although they are extremely new in the industry.

Moreover, the product is not promoted with hype or false promises. The signals are highly accurate and reliable which guarantees success. The creators have been straightforward in explaining how the software works and what it is all about. They have put in a lot of hard work and dedication in bringing this kind of high quality product to the market.

Review Verdict: Trader’s Buddy is Not a Scam

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Special Features

The best thing about Trader’s Buddy is its special features. From our investigation, we can see that the features of this software are pretty unique and they cannot be found anywhere else. Here’s a brief description of its special features that can help traders minimize their risks and amplify their gains.

3 Trading Algorithms

The first is the Rush Options which can be used in both auto trading and manual trading mode. They have extremely short expiry times such as 120 seconds. The next is the Baser Option which when activated analyzes the market trends and conditions in 4 hours. Lastly, they have the Investo Option which has longer expiry times. The maximum goes up to 3 days and it is possible to place one or two trades every week.

  • Social Trading

Peer-to-peer trading has been implemented to help new traders interact with professionals. The purpose of this amazing feature is that it allows newcomers to make the right trading decisions based on the actions of professionals. This way, the chances of making unsuccessful trades are minimized and the opportunities for significant gains is enhanced.

  • Fully Automated/Semi-Automated

Both these features have their own benefits. With fully automated mode, traders can leave the robot to perform trading tasks all by itself. But with semi-automated mode, traders can choose the signals they want to use for trading and therefore execute trades manually. This gives traders more control over the process and more experience as well.

  • Automatic Stop Loss

To give traders more control over how much they lose in a single day, Trader’s Buddy has implemented the Automatic Stop Loss feature. As a trader, you can set your limits which will give you control over your daily losses.

tradersbuddy algorithms

Customer Service

The dedicated customer support team at Traders’ Buddy work 24/7 so their clients do not get stuck in the middle of trading. their aim is to be there for their clients at all times to answer their questions and resolve their issues. Regardless of the issues you are facing, you can contact them via email, phone or using the contact form on their website.

User Testimonial

robert“This is perhaps the best software available on the market currently. Its features are not only unique, but useful as well. In all these years of trading online, I haven’t seen a performed like Trader’s Buddy. It is actually an amazing software that has done wonders for me.”

Robert Bancord, 29


We haven’t come across a single customer who is displeased with this application. This high performance software is gaining popularity in the market and it can be seen that users are enjoying the trading experience it has to offer.

Our overall opinion of Trader’s Buddy is that it is an exceptional software that has the capability to deliver the best trading results. Therefore, we recommend it wholeheartedly and believe that our readers will give it a try.


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