Max Fischer is The Creator of The Swiss Method System
But is This Online Forex Software a Scam or a Safe Choice?
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BrokerSwiss Method
Official Website URLwww.swissmethods.club
Support TypesLive Chat, E-mail
Free Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, Mater Card, Maestro, OK Pay, Neteller
Number of Assets50+
Overall Score8.4/10

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The Swiss Method is the name of a Forex trading system that has been around for some time now. A lot of online users have signed up with the software and issue positive feedback about the way it operates. Its programming algorithm was designed in such a way as to generate sufficient amounts of profits per day.

During the course of the investigation we carried out in order to compile the featured review, we were able to determine that creator Max Fisher is an actual person. He has working social media profiles.


The return on investment of this Forex auto-pilot robot revolves around the 75%-80% level and depends on whether the user is an experienced one or is making his first steps in the online financial sphere.

But any trader can expect to accumulate good earnings, because Swiss Method operates just fine and is considered to be a reliable and legit profit-amplifying solution.

If one would like to learn more details about it, he can do so in the review that follows below.

Review Verdict: Swiss Method is NOT a Scam

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How to Operate with The Swiss Method?

This Forex investment software functions much in the same manner as most other that can be found online. It is Algo-trading in principle and has a stop-loss feature which ceases all operations which might have a negative outcome.

Creator Max Fisher did not finish his college degree as he was struggling to make ends meet. His family came from a humble background and did not have the savings to support him. In the years following the Global Financial Crisis, he stumbled upon an automated trading system.

Deciding that the concept was good, he began work on the computer codes along with a couple of programmers who were his personal friends. This is how the grounds for the Swiss Method were founded.

Interesting Fact:

No matter how many special features a given Forex robot has, the most important one remains the algorithm, because it is the main responsible one for a system’s success rate. Even if all other characteristics are solid, if the codes are not written in a way that could generate profits, using the whole software becomes pointless.

No Necessary Download

There is no need for users to download any supplementary software or updates. If there are any improvements to The Swiss Method, then the profit-amplifying solution will carry them out automatically in the user’s browser. It will also work on any given device type.

How to Get Started with The Swiss Method?

One can easily open an account and begin to profit with The Swiss Method. The procedure goes much like the sign up of any other Forex auto-pilot robot. Users begin by entering their best personal details into a form and then click on the link that is inside the confirmation email.

They will be presented with a list of approved and trusted brokerages and they have to choose one with which to make the starting deposit of 300€ and begin to trade and accumulate winnings.

The summarized way to get started with TheSwissMethod goes on like this:

1. Sign Up Free

2. Place Initial Deposit

3. Invest & Win

The Swiss Method System Returns

One can expect a stable daily income of about 800€ to 1,000€ which can be achieved in quite the smooth and hassle-free manner. The average return on the initial investment is about 80%. Of course, this also depends on the level of investment proficiency that the user has.


The Swiss Method Software Price

This profit-amplifying solution does not have an initial fee which is required out of the user. They can open an account completely for free. There is only the starting deposit of 300€, but it is placed in order to fund one’s trading account and is not a payment. The Swiss Method System is available 100% free of charge.

Is The Swiss Method a Scam or Legit?

Our inquiry into The Swiss Method has managed to prove that it is a legit Forex trading system. Users have issued nothing but positive comments and feedback about it and the software has a stable and proven success rate.

It operates only with regulated online broker platforms and is widely regarded as one of the top income-generating solutions. We can recommend it for safe and secure trading to almost anyone as novice and sophisticated investors can operate smoothly with it and acquire fine profits.

Review Verdict: Swiss Method is NOT a Scam

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24/7 Customer Support Service

The customer support service of this Forex robot is unique because it operates around the clock, making sure that whenever a trader is in urgent need of advice or help, they will readily be there providing it. It can be reached via Skype, email and live chat.

User Testimonial

francesca“I was not an experienced trader when I opened my Swiss Method account. One can even say that I did not have even the vaguest idea of what I was getting myself into. Luckily, it turned out to be a legit income-generating software and began making good earnings almost immediately, allowing me to focus on aspects of my life that I did not have time for before. Everyone can sign up with it and start to profit. It is that easy!”

Fritzi Bernauer, 43, Germany


Drawing the line on The Swiss Method, we would like to say that it is a trustworthy piece of automated software that attracts both newcomers and skilled users. The first ones can make great use of its algorithm-driven auto-pilot mode and the latter can apply its numerous trading tools in their investment process. The most important thing is that the Forex system is reliable and legit.


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