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Official Website URLwww.investocopy.com
Support TypesLive Chat, E-mail
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Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVisa, Maestro, Master Card, Diners Club, SWIFT
Number of Assets40+
Overall Score7.5/10

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Investocopy is a social trading network, which enables you to profit from Forex trading without any previous experience in the field, by observing how experts do it and following their lead. Just as social networks have changed the way people communicate, social trading platforms are now changing the way people invest.


The highly profitable investments in financial markets are no longer limited to professionals with degrees in economics and Investocopy is a great solution for those who would like to make money from trading but don’t have any background in finance or lack the time to study and analyze market trends.

Investocopy is a platform that will help you minimize your risks by providing you with the opportunity to copy top-rated traders’ actions thus giving inexperienced and more hesitant traders the chance to enjoy investing without feeling stressed. On Investocopy’s website you will find a detailed description of all the phases that people lacking experience go through when they first start trading. It usually takes as long as 16 months to get to the point when you feel calm and self-confident enough to begin making consistent profits. Many give up long before that. With Investocopy you won’t have to waste a year and a half; you can start getting results right from the start.

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How does Investocopy work?

As a social trading network Investocopy enables you to closely observe the trading community and copy the profit-making moves of experienced traders thus avoiding costly mistakes. Whenever your chosen trader opens a position, it is automatically copied to your own account along with the settings and the proportional investment amounts. You can make an informed decision what trader to select based on the detailed information about their performance, including what assets they invest in and percentage of winning trades.

Investocopy is integrated with the Forex trading platform of the OptionWeb broker, which makes your trading experience safe and relaxed because OptionWeb is authorized by all European Union regulative authorities, amongst which is UK’s FCA.

How to start?

First of all it’s a good idea to visit Investocopy’s website where you’ll find all the information you need. Watch the short presentation video, which explains clearly and concisely how the social trading system works. The site also has a Frequently Asked Questions section where you will find up to the point answers to the most important questions people usually have. If you are still not sure whether Investocopy is suitable for you, you can open a demo account, which comes with $500 in demo currency.

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This way you can test the system and get a feel of how trading works without the risk of losing any of your money. You also get free credits, 1 of which is used whenever a position is automatically copied from a trader. A credit is worth 10 Euro cents and there are many ways to get free credits, including opening a trading account, referring a friend or using free coupon codes.

Once you feel confident enough and ready to build your portfolio you can proceed to live trades using real money. At this point other people can start copying you and you’ll get 3 % of their weekly profits.


Investocopy Minimum Investment

investmentWhenever you feel ready to start operating with real money you have to make a deposit in your OptionWeb trading account. The minimum deposit requirement is 200 Euro or 200 USD depending on your currency preferences at the time of registration. In case you need more information about the terms of depositing and withdrawing money from your OptionWeb account, visit the “Account Types” section under the “Information” tab on the broker’s website. You shouldn’t experience any problems with this company since it is CySec regulated and applies strict security policies.

Investocopy Pros & Cons


  • This solution provides safe and stress free environment for novice and hesitant traders.
  • You can gain extensive experience in trading without any risk of losing money by opening a free demo account with $500 of demo currency.
  • You can stop copying a trader or change your preferences whenever you want.
  • Once other people start copying you, you’ll get 3 % of their weekly profits.
  • The network is integrated with a regulated Forex broker.


  • There are no guarantees that you will achieve the up to 87 % profit rates that some experienced traders have.
  • You have to rely on information about the past results of the traders you copy, which is not strictly indicative of their performance in the future.

InvestoCopy Update

We were surprized to find out InvestoCopy have closed their business while working on a new brand. After a long period of testing their new Forex robot will be activated in Q1 of 2016. Top10BinaryRobots.com team will make sure to try it and present our review a couple of weeks after the launch.

In the meantime the recommend auto trading app is Binary Option Robot – the feedback from our clients and the traders community is very positive. We also noticed there are no negative reviews for the robot online.

For opening an account with Binary Option Robot – see here

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Bottom Line

After conducting a thorough research, our team of Forex experts came to the conclusion that Investocopy is a good solution for both novice and more experienced traders. The platform is easy to use and safe due to being linked with a licensed broker. Unfortunately the auto trading social system closed for business for several months while rebranding.

You could, of course, Proceed to Safety and select a different Forex trading system highly-rated and recommended by Top10BinaryRobots.com.Good_choice_stamp_top10_BR

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