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Official Website URLwww.HBSwiss.com
Support TypesEmail
Minimum 1st Deposit$250
Free Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsCredit/Debit Card, Bank Wire, eWallet, NEO Surf, Barclays, Deutsche Bank
Number of Assets100+
Overall Score9.6/10

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There are several different components which must be present in order for any particular forex trading solution to be legit, profitable and properly working. Of course, of utmost importance is the implemented software and the algorithms it uses to scan, analyze and predict the market and its movement. All of you should be aware of the fact that building up such a product is difficult and it takes a lot of time, efforts and funds. Maybe this is the main reason why almost all the available forex trading systems at the moment fail to meet traders’ expectations.

In the next review we would like to show you an automated trading robot that seems quite different and innovative, so we decided to take a closer look at it and to share the information with our readers.

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Hans Berger introduces his Swiss quality forex trading system to the online investment community. The platform is called HBSwiss and it is a result of many months of beta-testing and enhancing. Our first impressions from the website of the system are positive. To start with, it is important for you to know that Hans is a finance specialist.

According to his personal story, he decided to put efforts in order to create a forex robot which could produce exclusive trading results by accumulating significant profits for its members. If you want to find out more about the HBSwiss software, we would advise you to keep reading the article.

Review Verdict: HBSwiss is NOT a Scam

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How to Use HBSwiss Trading System?

It is really easy for everyone to benefit from the HBSwiss software as it is absolutely automated and designed to trade in a profitable way, thanks to the Hans’ knowledge and efforts. He developed the software with the help of a team of Swiss specialists as well as with the assistance of his childhood friend Bastian Hermann. He is a quantum physicist who spends a lot of time polishing and applying his skills on some different quantum physics’ projects. On the other hand, Hans Berger is a banker with stable career in some the biggest Swiss banks.

As a reuslt the HBSwiss software makes use of some really complex and advanced computing models. Originally, they were first developed by renowned theorists Grover and Shor. In addition, the system is also applied with the Black-Scholes-Merton continuous equations principle. As a result, it seems like HBSwiss is really one of a kind trading platform.

Thankfully, the interface of the solution is absolutely user-friendly so everyone can profit with the product – from novice traders to advanced online investors.


No Download

Members of HBSwiss don’t have to download and install additional files to their desktop in order to profit from it. This is thanks to the fact that the interface of the whole system is browser-based. However, if someone need to trade on the go they can do that by using the Android and iOS version of the software.

How to Start Trading with HBSwiss?

There are 3 steps you have to complete in order to start profiting from the forex trading robot.

1. Free Sign Up – Hans plans an IPO and the results of his clients will greatly increase the value of their shares. So, you only have to fill in the provided web form in order to claim your spot.

2. Place Initial Deposit – Only by depositing 250 you will be able to start your trading process as your account needs funding. This money, though, is not a payment and it will only serve as your starting point.

3. Trade Automatically – in order to get maximum results from the platform, creators advise traders to rely on the auto-trading mode of the system.


As far as we could verify the winning rate of the trading software, we can confirm the words of Hans who states that HBSwiss achieves 87% accuracy. All this information results in traders being able to earn up to €5,000 per day.

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You can sign up in HBSwiss for free but there is a daily limit of free spots. This is due to the fact that its owner wants to ensure that investors get the highest quality of service possible. Hans also needs to get access to more trading data as his Swiss quality trading software becomes more proficient and accurate the more transaction history it has to operate with.

Is HBSwiss Scam or Not?

There are many factors that make us be sure that the HBSwiss auto-trading software is absolutely legit and authentic. First of all, it is obvious that a lot of effort and money have been put into this product. Its website and promo video are highly professional and relevant. Also, the algorithm this robot uses is powerful, innovative and complex. Finally, all the users’ feedback we succeeded to gather from the Internet space was positive. The trading environment members of HBSwiss are provided with is not only easy to use and navigate, but it is also encrypted by latest SSL protocols.

To sum it all up, this forex automated trading platform is really spectacular and advanced and therefore we recommend it to all the investors who are willing to commence a truly successful income-amplifying trading experience.

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Customer Support

The most important thing that should be mentioned here is that the customer support service provided by the team of HBSwiss is available 24/7. This means that users will be able to get help and guidance no matter when they happen to need it. To do that, they can use one of that provided contact forms – e-mail, phone and online form.


sasha“I have to be absolutely honest and admit that the first time I visited the website of HBSwiss I was impressed by how professional it was designed. Also, the landing page video was highly informative, too, so I decided to register and start trading with it. For the first day I generated over €1,000. The withdrawal process is fast and smooth, I don’t have what to complain from, actually.”

Sasha O’Neil, 34, Ireland

Frederic“As an average online investor I prefer to deal with broker platforms as it is obvious that they are way more reliable and authentic than the automated trading systems. Still, when I heard of the HBSwiss platform I was curious to what it was all about. It definitely impressed me, so I searched to read some reviews about the product and found out yours. I just wanted to thank yo, because this software really works and I am very happy with my daily earnings.”

Frederic Loganberry, 45, New England


We happened to notice that the new 2017 year starts with good surprises for all the online investors and the trading industry. We are more than happy to announce the launch of one of the best trading systems on the market, these days. HBSwiss is powerful, user-friendly, innovative and absolutely free income-generating solution so you should definitely seriously consider signing up in it. We are more than confident that you won’t regret it.


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