What is Crypto Code System & Who is Derrick Simmons?
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BrokerCrypto Code
Official Website URLwww.Crypto-Code.co
Support TypesMail
Free Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Diners CLub, PayPal, JCB
Number of Assets30+
Overall Score9.3/10

Full Review

There is a new product which was just released on the market. It is designed to provide online traders with access to cryptocurrency trading and therefore it is called Crypto Code. This automated software has been created and developed by Derrick Simmons who is also CEO of the company behind the system. He explains that his original idea and final goal was to provide regular online investors with access to a robot which is able to help them achieve success. This will be helped by the fact that the operational work of the software is entirely automated. We have to admit that this sounds very interesting and deserves some special attention. All the features and the characteristics of the systems should be inspected and analyzed.

Our team launched a full investigation regarding the main functions and services offered by this innovative crypto robot. We aim to gather enough first-hand information in order to provide our readers with in-depth investigation which could help them decide on whether to consider joining the software or not. As of now, we believe that it is a reliable solution. To learn more read the following scam review.

How to Use Crypto Code?

All the information that you need to know about this matter has been explained in the promo clip of the system. The important thing that you should remember is that the software’s calculations are based on some special compound trading strategy. In addition, the whole development process took 5 years of the creator as he had to carefully test and optimize the performance of the crypto robot. The compounding effect only takes place when the app identifies trends that are confirmed by previously generated successful results.

Another important feature of the platform is that its design and interface are really user-friendly which will help even newcomers to smoothly start using the trading system. Also, don’t forget that the main job of the robot is to trade with cryptocurrencies so if you are interested in this particular field, you should seriously consider the possibility to sign up for it.

Review Verdict: Crypto Code is Not a Scam

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No Download

Yes, this is another positive feature of the newly launched software. It is browser based so you don’t need to download and install files to your desktop or mobile device. Just make sure that you have a decent Internet connection and open the landing page of the robot to start using it.

How to Get Started with The Crypto Robot?

Fill in the provided short online form to claim your access to the system. It will be quickly approved and then you will be redirected to a special page where you should finish your registration and activate your account. For this step, you will have to invest initial deposit amount of $250 that will be used for trading purposes. This is the whole procedure. It doesn’t take longer than 5 minutes which confirms our theory that the interface of the platform is remarkably user-friendly and easy-to-follow. There are two types of accounts. The first one is called Freemium and it is designed to serve for personal use.

The setup period is 5 minutes and the advertised win rate is high. Finally, people are promised to receive free lifetime upgrades. The Premium account is for financial institutions and banks.

Expected Results

Our investigation gathered some user reports according to which the generated results are satisfying and consistent. This is why more and more traders are willing to join the software and start using it. This is a good sign about its authenticity.


We already noted that all the people who want to register for the crypto trading robot can do it absolutely free of charge. There are no hidden costs or delayed payments so everything is clear enough.

Is the Robot a Scam or Legit Software?

Taking in consideration everything we have revealed about the specifics and the services provided by the crypto trading robot, we can say confidently that in our opinion it is reliable and legit. We think that it is a good choice for regular traders so they should definitely opt for it. The robot has everything that is needed for such a kind of trading solution. This is confirmed by the numerous testimonials we checked in the Internet. All of them are positive as people seem fully satisfied with the delivered results and achieved success.

Review Verdict: Crypto Code is Not a Scam

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You should proceed to signing up for the software in order to join the other satisfied traders who are using it.

Customer Support

The support center of the software is available 24/7 via different contact forms such as live chat, email, and web form. This is a good coverage of the customers needs. Also, we tested the quality of the service and we can say that the people will surely receive timely and professional assistance and guidance.


“My experience has taught me to carefully inspect the systems I intend to start working with. This is why I read your review and then started with a minimum deposit. It has been 1 month since then and I can confirm that the robot works really properly.”

Derek Donovan, 29, Brussels

“Hello everyone! I remained very positively impressed with this detailed system review. It was interesting to read and all the information you have shared is valuable and important to every regular trader. As a result I made the decision to try this crypto robot and see what happens. Wish me luck!”

Ashly Powder, 43, Sweden


We would like to advise our readers to regularly check the uploaded content on our website in order to receive relevant signals regarding the newly launched trading solutions. For this particular software we can only say good things so we believe that you should seriously consider the option to opt for it. It will help you achieve the desired results and to boost your success.


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