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BrokerCrunch Tech Software
Official Website URLwww.crunch-tech.co
Support TypesLive Chat, Phone, E-mail
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Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Diners Club, American Experss
Number of Assets60+
Overall Score7.8/10

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Working online trading solutions can be as hard to find as a needle in a haystack. From brokers to Forex investment software. Each new system that emerges on the market will try and attract as many users as possible. In order to find just the right profit amplifying robot one has to review tons of fraudulent ones.

Fortunately, when a Forex robot software is a legitimate and reliable one, this is apparent almost from the very start. Trustworthy systems are usually in possession of an easy-to-navigate interface, accurate signals and a solid computer algorithm.

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Review Verdict: Crunch Tech Software is NOT a Scam

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Since a lot of people have been wondering whether the new addition to the web-based investment sphere – CrunchTech is trustworthy or not, we decided to perform our own inquiry into the matter. Read the following review if you would like to learn to which category does it belong.

Basic Crunch Tech Facts

This innovative Forex auto trading robot was created by several prominent figures from the trading and computer spheres. Co-founders are Rick Paulson, CEO of the company behind the software, and Daniel Avery, respected investor and acclaimed programmer. Mr. Avery has graduated from Stanford and was regarded by fellow college friends as a ‘computer wizard’.

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Our investigation led us to the fact that the other main members of the team behind Crunch Tech are Carla Acosta, part of the technical staff. And Briana Mathison, reporter from is responsible for presenting the public with information about the Forex trading solution.

In general, Crunch Tech is an Algo-trading robot. Since Rick Paulsen was a weather prediction enthusiast from an early age, his years of experience in Options, Futures and Algorithmic investments inspired him to merge both worlds.

He invited friend Daniel Avery to help him. Actually, he is the one who managed to successfully combine the algorithm with technical and fundamental analysis.

Fun Fact:

The whole concept behind the Crunch Tech Forex investment system was developed around the example of cereal manufacturer Cap’n’Crunch. The said engaged in close monitoring of weather forecasting systems in order to know what the price of corn will be.

Thus, they were able to buy $1,200 tons at the price of $100 each. When corn’s price rose to $200 per ton, Cap’n’Crunch was able to accumulate considerable profits.

Review Verdict: Crunch Tech Software is NOT a Scam

Visit Crunch Tech Software Website

How Does Crunch Tech Operate?

We were able to find out that the Forex investment software utilizes a highly advanced and sophisticated computer algorithm. One that combines both weather prediction techniques and financial analysis. Thus, it sends signals to users with an accuracy rate of up to 85%. Traders are then enabled to place trades.

Of course, they are not required to make any kind of effort at all. They can just simply put the Crunch Tech robot on auto-trading mode and let it successfully generate them profits.

Is Crunch Tech Considered Reliable?

reliableBased on all the facts that we were able to find out about this Forex auto trading software, we can safely say that it is worth investing precious time and earnings into it. It was launched just recently, but feedback from the online investment community has been quite positive.

In fact, there has rarely been a Forex robot software with such a positive reaction to it. The promised success rate of 85% is objective and realistic. As we have mentioned many times, every system that states it can achieve a 100% profit-increasing probability is most likely a scam.

With Crunch Tech users should not worry about this. It is a reliable and legitimate income-amplifying solution.

Getting Started with Crunch Tech

There is nothing complicated about beginning to trade with this Forex auto trading software. Investors have to complete only a few simple steps. And the sign up process is completely free for a trial period of 90 days. Then the monthly fee will become $790. The things you have to do in order to get started with Crunch Tech are listed as follows:

  • Free Sign Up: Users should fill in a couple of personal details such as legitimate name and surname, email address and telephone number.
  • Place Initial Deposit: The minimum amount is $250. Which is only the usual one required by most Forex investment software.
  • Withdraw: Withdrawal requests usually require one day to get processed. Then, bank transfers usually take up from 3 to 5 business days. But there have been no reports of troubles with them.


Our thorough investigation has led us to consider this Forex robot software reliable and trustworthy. The online trading community regards it highly. This is one of the few cases in which close to no complaints have been issued.

So, we recognize Crunch Tech as a legitimate profit-increasing solution and can safely recommend it for safe trading. Online investors can proceed and put it to use as an accurate signals provider.


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