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Broker7 Figure Months
Official Website URLwww.7figuremonths.com
Support TypesLive Chat, E-mail
Free Demo Account Open FREE Demo NOW
Deposit & Withdrawal MethodsVISA, MasterCard, Maestro, Wire Transfer, Skrill
Number of Assets60+
Overall Score7.8/10

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he vast preponderance of Forex robot software that is being released week after week make the process of differentiating between the trustworthy and the fraudulent quite difficult. Most of newly launched auto investing systems turn out to be a complete scam. Which has the ability to completely discourage novice traders.


Review Verdict: 7FigureMonths is NOT a Scam

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On the other hand, when a legit income-generating solutions emerges on the market, it raises the bar for other and sets a higher standard for operating in the business. This review will focus on 7FigureMonths which is created by Martin Saunders. We executed an in-depth inquiry into what are its creator’s reasons for establishing it and how exactly does it function. The results are presented as follows.

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Review Verdict: 7FigureMonths is NOT a Scam

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Basic Information about 7FigureMonths

This Forex auto trading robot was created by Martin Saunders and an undisclosed team of experts. It is composed of some of the best programming and financial experts operating in the online trading sphere. Mr. Saunders prefers to keep the details about them secret because of the sensitive fields they all work in.

Not because 7 Figure Months is unable to achieve the results it has promised. But because there are a lot of high-end investment sharks just waiting to take the Forex system down. In order for ordinary people to have a fair chance of generating a considerable profit, their personalities must remain anonymous.

Martin Saunders also has a solid background in finance and trading. He has worked for some of the top companies in the business.

Did You Know?

Most Forex auto trading systems use so-called ‘loopholes’ in their programming algorithms so they can be able to tap in and receive crucial market data before the others. This is the main characteristic of investment robot software. Also, the main thing which makes a particular profit-amplifying solution legit or a scam.

Operational Process of 7 Figure Months

As already mentioned, 7 Figure Months utilizes a highly efficient computer algorithm. The said is capable of getting access to important data concerning assets’ price movements in a matter of seconds after it is made available. The programming code then begins to analyze and sort out the facts so that it can send only the most accurate signals to traders.

Feedback from the online trading community suggests that this Forex investment system has an above 95% success rate. Which is quite the excellent result that very few other income increasing solutions are able to achieve.


Review Verdict: 7FigureMonths is NOT a Scam

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Which Are the Unique Features of 7 Figure Months?

In order to be considered legit, every Forex auto-trading system has to provide its clients with something special and unique. So that they do not turn to another investment robot software. With 7Figure Months one has nothing to worry about. We are now going to list some of the exclusive features that the solution possesses.

  • 7FM support24/7 Support: Knowing that you can always turn to someone for advice and help is a matter of significant importance. Especially for novice and inexperienced traders who need to feel solid ground in order to feel more secure. 7FigureMonths provides around-the-clock email support. Sometimes, even Martin Saunders himself welcomes and addresses the needs of users.
  • 100% Operational: It does not matter what kind of device one has. If you want to begin investing with this Forex trading solution, they you can safely proceed to do it. It operates quite well on Mac, PC, Apple and Android products.
  • Complete Auto-Pilot: If you are still new to the Forex investment sphere, you have nothing to worry about. This profit-amplifying solution has an excellent automated robot. You can rely on it completely as it has a proven accuracy rate of above 95%.

Getting Started with 7 Figure Months

The sign process is completely smooth. One does not have to go through much trouble in order to get started. Our inquiry’s results show that all one has to do is type in a name, email address and telephone number and he can begin investing with this legit Forex investment software.


This Forex robot software founded by Martin Saunders is a truly reliable and trustworthy income-increasing solution. Our investigation was unable to find any kind of negative feedback about 7 Figure Months. Most of the people from the online trading community who have managed to test it state that it is able to generate fine profits.

So, based on the data we reviewed, we consider 7FigureMonths to be 100% safe for use and legit. Everyone can sign up with it and accumulate decent results.


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