binary brokerThe world of online investments is one whose main foundation is speculation. While the direction of a certain asset’s price can be predicted, things could change at any given moment. An event can occur that can impose such a tremendous effect that it can make things change just in a matter of seconds. This is the main reason why time frames are so important.

With the rise of popularity of Forex & CFD Trading brokers came also the facilitation of the investment process for regular people. Nowadays, everyone can be a trader thanks to the more than 400 online brokerages that are currently operating.

Not all of them are regulated Forex brokers, of course. Sometimes it is very hard to tell the difference between a scam or legit one. The introduction, advancement and expansion of digital technology into our everyday lives made it easier for fraudulent platforms to disguise themselves as reliable ones. This is the main reason why we perform our thorough investigations and inquiries into particular ones. So that users can learn which to trust and which to avoid. Our Forex brokers comparison seeks to be informative, objective and thorough all at the same time.

Best Forex Brokers January 2020

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Best Brokerages for Options Trading

Generally, it is not very difficult to separate the safe Forex brokers from the Forex brokers scam. There are several very important factors which must be taken into consideration. Like the interface and how easy it is to navigate through it. Users feedback is also of utmost importance. The expected success rate, for example, is one of the main reasons why people sign up with brokerage platforms. An accuracy percentage of above 83% is a sign that one has stumbled onto a licensed Forex broker.

Of course, there is no such thing as a 100% guaranteed success rate. And no free lunches. While registering with trusted brokers is usually free, there is a minimum required initial deposit that one must place. The amount usually varies from one brokerage platform to another and also depends on the account type you have chosen.

This minimum deposit does not go into the pockets of the people behind the particular investment broker. Rather, it is utilized to fund your own trading endeavors.

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What is a Forex & CFD Trading Broker?

Forex brokers are basically web-based investment platforms. Rather than being created by one or two persons, as is the case with most auto trading robot software, whole companies operate the online brokerages.

One of the first signs by which to recognize legitimate Forex brokers is the presence of stamps of approval on its official website. If it is approved and certified by regulatory bodies such as CySEC and others, then users can safely proceed to join it. The lack of such means that you should stay as far away from it as possible.

Security policies are also very imperative and significant. It is always good to know that customer funds are being kept in separate accounts. Also, that all possibility of personal data leakage has been eliminated.

Regulated and Trusted Forex Brokers

regulatedWe compiled an extensive list of the best Forex brokers. It is based entirely on realistic and objective research. Our inquiries include significant testing of the brokerage platforms and analyses of how they actually operate. Everything that makes up for a profit-amplifying solution to be considered a safe Forex broker has been taken into consideration. Including bonuses and special features.

We would like to assert one more time that users’ satisfaction rate and general success likelihood play the key role in deciding whether a Forex brokerage platform is legit. Sometimes, drawing a final conclusion can be an extremely tedious task. This is why we are constantly on the lookout for updates and change of status.

If a broker that was once regarded as a safe Forex broker has lowered its profitability rate or traders have suddenly started experiencing withdrawal problems, we will instantly reverberate this.

Forex & CFD Trading Brokers Scam – How to Avoid it?

Forex brokers scam does not go unnoticed. They are usually the ones with faked stamps of approval, low success rate and obvious distrust amongst the online investment community. If a sign up fee is being required from users then this is a very good first sign that something is wrong with the claiming to be licensed Forex broker. Lack of customer support and bonuses, small number of account types are also relevant factors.

So, in order to stay fully update and informed on which are the worst and the best Forex brokers.