WikiTrader is a new Forex software that has recently entered the market. It is owned by someone called Kelly Wallace who claims that the software has the potential to earn substantial profits for its users every month.

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Today, it is quite hard to find a trading robot that actually works. The number of robots available on the market is increasing rapidly, but sadly for every 10 robots, at least 9 turn out to be scams. So anyone who is looking for a reliable option must be cautious and do a thorough research before signing up for a trading system.

Although the WikiTrader app claims to be a reliable solution, it also appears to be a bogus software. Our full-fledged investigation into this software and its creator reveals that it is not a good software and must be avoided at all costs. More details about WikiTrader has been presented in this review so continue reading and learn why it is not a reliable option for trading Forex and CFDs.

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What Is WikiTrader?

The Wiki Trader software which is an automated trading app promises to earn millions on behalf of its users. according to the so-called developer of the system, traders can earn an additional $8600 every month without even spending anything from their pockets. Traders also don’t need to possess any prior trading knowledge to use this software.

But our experience tells us that if it was so easy to earn profits without doing anything, then there wouldn’t be anyone poor on this earth. The offers that WikiTrader seems to be giving is unrealistic. The strategies have been used to misdirect traders so they end up signing up for this scam and depositing money into their accounts. After all, the aim of those who developed this system and are now presenting it to the public is to steal money from unsuspecting traders.

We didn’t find any sincerity in this app and neither did we find it working the way it claims to. Instead of placing winning trades on behalf of its users, the software places losing trades after trades to wipe out the account balance of traders. The investment that traders lose end up in the pockets of those people who are behind this bogus software.

How Does WikiTrader Work?

We are extremely unhappy with the way Wiki Trader works. The software doesn’t produce reliable signals and it also doesn’t execute winning trades. The claims of it earning significant profits for its users are just lies.

When we landed on their website, we did not find any valuable information on how it works. Before a trader can choose a system to trade with, it is important for them to understand the working mechanism of the software. The developers of the system should at least provide information on the algorithms or technology that is integrated within the software that enables it to generate signals and send them to its users. But with WikiTrader, such valuable information isn’t offered to clients.

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We have seen systems like this in the past that have failed to meet the expectations of traders at all levels. Basically how these kinds of systems work is that they lure innocent and new traders into signing up for the software. They promise huge profits and gains and once they manage to get new depositors, they get a commission and leave the scene exposing the trader to unregulated brokers. The end result is that traders will lose all of their investment before they even realize that they had been caught in a scam.

Is WikiTrader Scam Or Legit?

We performed a comprehensive research on WikiTrader and therefore we can confirm that using this software poses significant risks of traders’ personal information and their investment. The idea of the people behind the creation and launch of this software is to get their hands on traders’ investment.

We have managed to unveil many lies that these scammers have told just to get traders to sign up for this software and deposit money with unregulated brokers. The claims of earning thousands of dollars every month is a big lie. We haven’t found any genuine trader who has earned profits in thousands with this software. We haven’t come across any reviews that suggest that it is possible to earn substantial profits by using WikiTrader. The reviews and testimonials published on their website are fabricated so we have no reason to trust what we see written or said on their website.


Now coming to the developer, we have every reason to believe that she is a paid actor. At first glance, she looked very familiar and upon digging deeper, we found out that she was the face behind another software that was released some months back and had been labeled as a scam.

Final Words

The Wiki Trader App is definitely not an excellent way to secure high profits from online investments. The software is bogus and there is no way in which traders can enhance their online income by using it. We advise traders to stay away from it because using it could drain their investments really fast.

There are better alternatives available so it is important to do a good research before choosing a software and investing money into it.


high_risk_stamp_top10_BRAfter making a detailed investigation our team came to the conclusion that there are better Forex to trade with than WikiTrader. We cannot confirm whether WikiTrader is a scam robot or not, but upon investigating we found a lot of traders’ comments and complaints about the performance of this Forex robot and we don’t have confirmation that it can achieve the profits advertised via email.

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