Investments in Forex and the online financial markets as a whole are extremely popular due to the intuitive manner and ease with which they can be carried out. But today, there are many systems available on the market that are pure scams and have been designed for the sole purpose of cheating innocent traders and stealing their funds. Recently, we came across a system called the Wealthy Trader. Designed by Nelson Roosen, the Wealthy Trader claims to offer advanced trading solutions for both beginner traders and experts.

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Due to the nature of the Forex industry, there are many novices who are looking to get into the industry and start trading and investing online. This is the reason it is utmost important to be convinced that a system is truly reliable and safe before putting any investments into it. If traders aren’t caution, they may end up broke.

While conducting a research on the Wealthy Trader, we found out that it could be a potential scam. We did not find any evidence that supports the claims made by its developer. So if you have been thinking whether you should sign up for it or not, read this complete review first. It will help you decide if Wealthy Trader is a genuine system that you can rely on or is it just another scam.

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What is Wealthy Trader?

Since its launch on the market, the Wealthy Trader has been making many bold claims and promises. It guarantees users success with the trading process every day and that too on complete auto pilot mode. According to Roosen, traders don’t have to do anything to achieve good results. After activating the software, it will work on auto pilot mode to place trades on behalf of its users.

Basically, the developer is trying to convince traders that it is possible to place only winning trades. Traders who are new in the field may these kinds of statements and unreasonable claims appealing, but the fact is that this is not true.

The Wealthy Trader is basically a cheap app that has been designed by scam artists to fraud unsuspecting traders. The signals that are generated by the software are random and the possibility of them leading to successful traders is extremely low. There is a high degree of risk associated with using this app to trade online.

How Does Wealthy Trader Operate?

On the official website of the software, traders can see that there is only a limited number of spots available to get access to the software. According to the developer, only 20 spots remain and those who sign up quickly will get a chance to test the software and trade on auto pilot mode.

But the fact is that anyone can sign up for the Wealthy Trader since the number of spots are not limited. This is just a pressure tactic used to receive quick sign ups and deposits from unsuspecting traders. Once traders complete the registration process, they will be put into touch with a scam broker who will then ask for a deposit of $250.


Novice traders can easily fall victims of such scams because they don’t realize that the deposit will be used to execute losing trades. Traders will end up with zero investments and zero winning trades fairly quickly. So the only ones who actually benefiting from this software are the people behind its creation and marketing.

Is Wealthy Trader A Genuine System?

When it comes to introducing a scam software on the market, there is a lot of dirty tricks that these scammers use. But fortunately, we now know how to identify their tricks and expose their scams. The Wealthy Trader is also packed with a lot of lies and those people behind this scam have used a number of scam tactics to cheat traders.

When reviewing the software, one of the obvious red flags we came across were the fake reviews. No one has ever become successful by using this software so we don’t understand where those reviews of placing only winning trades are coming from. When taking a closer look, we found out that even the images used on the reviews and testimonials are stolen photographs. The alleged traders aren’t real.

Another thing is that the identity of the developer cannot be verified. It is also very strange that in the presentation video, no live footages of the developer have been shown to the public. There are no profiles on social media under his name and no verifications can be made regarding the alleged achievements he has within the financial trading industry.

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The pressure tactics used to make traders sign up for this software also indicates that the Wealthy Trader is a scam. We have far more reasons to believe that the Wealthy Trader is not a safe solution for trading Forex. Therefore, we advise traders to stay away from it.

Final Words

We don’t really think that traders should waste their time and funds on the Wealthy Trader. Based on our findings, we can establish that this scam is very similar to most of the scam software that we have reviewed in the past. Traders have lost considerable amounts of funds on bogus systems like these.

The general opinion about this trading software is also negative. If you are interested in auto trading Forex, there are far better alternatives on the market. But Wealthy Trader is just not the right system to use if you want to trade online.


high_risk_stamp_top10_BRAfter making a detailed investigation our team came to the conclusion that there are better Forex to trade with than Wealthy Trader. We cannot confirm whether Wealthy Trader is a scam robot or not, but upon investigating we found a lot of traders’ comments and complaints about the performance of this Forex robot and we don’t have confirmation that it can achieve the profits advertised via email.

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