New forex trading robots are created every now and then. Most of them enter the markets with promises of big returns, but fail to deliver results. The newly created Unlimited Profit System app made its debut with a lot of buzz surrounding it.

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Many traders are considering joining the app to attain success in the field of forex investments. But is Unlimited Profit System truly reliable? Let’s take a look at the facts in this detailed review.

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A Look At Unlimited Profit System

This trading system was launched as a free app which means that anyone can get access to it after signing up. The creator, Brian James also claims that it is an easy to use trading tool that doesn’t require traders to possess any financial knowledge or prior experience. It works on completely auto-pilot mode to deliver the best possible trading results.

Traders as well as our team of investigators would have been thoroughly delighted if all this was true. But the sad reality is that Unlimited Profit System isn’t what it appears to be. Yes, it is free, but only up till completing the sign up process. After this, traders are asked for a deposit of $250.

This tool doesn’t have a history of executing successful trades. It doesn’t comprise of sophisticated algorithms and technologies that could enable it to deliver on its promise. Their claims don’t match with the actual results which only suggests that they are lying. The software has no potential and it definitely doesn’t have the capability to help traders meet their trading goals.

Unlimited Profit System: Operational Process

If you sign up with this trading system and join the broker they recommend, you will understand exactly how it work. But we don’t want you to risk your hard earned funds and this is why we are going to expose their operational process right here.

The software doesn’t use algorithms to analyse the forex markets and it also doesn’t search for opportunities that could lead to making profitable trades. In fact, there are no special or innovative features in this app that can allow it to produce good results.


Since Unlimited Profit System lacks essential features, it generates signals randomly. This method of operation is very risky because it carries a slim chance of making profitable trades. If you take a look at the past results and performance, you will see that this trading system is a huge failure. It doesn’t make winning trades and it also doesn’t generate returns on investments.

When trades are performed randomly, funds are depleted from traders’ account. The brokers get all the funds into their accounts for unsuccessful trades executed by the software and the affiliate marketers of the app are happy with the commission they get. The only people who are left disheartened and disappointed are the actual traders.

It is quite unfortunate to see that traders are victimized by the unlawful practices conducted by shady brokers and fraudulent software developers.

How to Join?

We don’t recommend this trading tool and therefore we urge traders to stay away from it. The process described in this section of the review is for information purpose only.

  1. Fill in the form with your details
  2. Complete the registration form on the broker’s website and make a deposit of $250
  3. Use the auto trading functionality of the robot to invest in forex markets

Good to Know:

The software automatically assigns a broker for you. You can’t choose your own broker and if you decide to proceed with this app after the initial sign up process, you have to register with their choice of broker. They don’t reveal the name of the broker until you complete the sign up process.

Unlimited Profit System – Legit or Not?

We have already highlighted the point that Unlimited Profit System is a risky trading tool. It is definitely not a legit or reliable option for investing in the lucrative world of forex exchange.

There are many scam factors associated with this app. First of all, the claims of massive earnings are unrealistic. The figures and statements they have displayed aren’t real and they don’t represent the actual results that traders will get when they use this system.

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We have evidence that Unlimited Profit System doesn’t help its users generate returns. It is a bogus program that only steals from its users. Feedback coming from traders are negative. In fact, those who have tried this app have expressed dissatisfaction and disappointment.

Traders should be warned that these kinds of trading tools reduce their chances of success in the industry. They have nothing good to offer and they only upset traders when they turn out to be failures.

Another thing is that the likelihood of it being a duplicated trading system is very high. It doesn’t have a real creator because Brian James is only a fictitious personality. The software hasn’t won any awards and it wasn’t featured in any leading magazines. Most importantly, the software wasn’t endorsed by leaders in the industry.

The Bottom Line

It is always good to avoid using fake investment tools like Unlimited Profit System. Traders will only be greeted with lies and deception because such tools are only designed to steal funds from their users.

To stay on a safer side, traders can choose a trading system that has a proven success record. Unlimited Profit System is an unreliable, unsafe and a risky method for investing in the forex industry.


high_risk_stamp_top10_BRAfter making a detailed investigation our team came to the conclusion that there are better Forex to trade with than Unlimited Profit. We cannot confirm whether Unlimited Profit is a scam robot or not, but upon investigating we found a lot of traders’ comments and complaints about the performance of this Forex robot and we don’t have confirmation that it can achieve the profits advertised via email.

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