Swarm Intelligence is an automated trading software that was recently released onto the Internet. Since it is supposedly based on several advanced scientific theories and analyzes information according to a couple of different trading indicators, strategies and analysis methods, one can assume that it operates just fine.

Feedback about it has been scarce and the available commentary is not predominantly positive. Our in-depth investigation into Swarm Tech Auto Trader did not manage to find validated proof that creator PhD Steven Frances and Head Programmer Thomas Porter are actual people.

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The main driving force behind the Forex robot is the concept that humans tend to make more accurate predictions about a specific field when operating in groups and taking decisions together. This theory is called Swarm Intelligence and the software is named after it. Another applied method is the Suprafecta one.

Our exclusive review of the alleged income-generating solution can not reach a concrete verdict on its scam or legit status. We advise all users to Continue to Trusted Robot Site OR Choose a Reliable Robot from the list that follows.


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What is Swarm Tech Auto Trader System?

In the promotional video for the Forex system founder PhD. Steven Frances states that he has dedicated 15 years of his life to observing different types of Animal Behavior. The main focus of his professional career was the adaptive significance of personal demeanor in a particular environment and how this can be applied for the conduct of risk-free trading and the generation of accurate Forex signals.


He was a moderator at a successful firm that indulged in financial analysis and market predictions. His most accomplished work was the one carried out for the Academy Awards winners forecasting. Frances got in touch with a Silicon Valley company that dealt with problems concerning the improvement of human intelligence and expanding it beyond the ability of individuals.

This is how he got in touch with CEO of the Unanimous AI firm – Dr. Louis Rosenberg and the future Head Programmer of SwarmIntelligence System – Thomas Porter, who is a former employee at IBM. They carried out a study in which a group of people have to guess which horses in one exact race would finish at the first four places.

The research’s outcome was the founding base for the establishment of the profit-amplifying solution’s 10 programming algorithms.

How to Work with Swarm Intelligence System?

SwarmTechAutoTrader Software supposedly makes best use of 10 codes which are directly connected to another 10 computers and all are allegedly interconnected with a single supercomputer. This is how the Forex system calculates and issues market predictions.


The programming algorithm was supposedly finished after 3 years of research and development. In this process were analyzed numerous trading strategies, indicators, patterns and scientific principles. SwarmIntelligence Software is also loosely based on the Suprafecta method. In it a group of people have to predict the outcome of a certain poll or vote, guessing several finish or end positions.

Mr. Frances claims that the system has an average payout of 83% and one can expect at least $1,000 a week when trading with a sum of $25 and $2,100 when investing $50. Even though this monetary amount is realistic, the estimated profitability rate is way below the normal expected for the sphere.

A fine example of a legit Forex robot is FinTech Ltd. – an amazing software which applies several stop-loss and risk-prevention techniques. Designed by Daniel Roberts and his group of programming and data analysis experts, it has an RoI of 80% and can generate about $5,000 per day even to complete newcomers.

Interesting Fact:

It is quite common for Forex trading systems to apply a certain scientific or technological method. While most focus on the latter, there are some who focus on human psychology and group behavior when developing their programming algorithms. One of the most widely used is the so-called Herd or Flock Principle.

Is Swarm Intelligence Reliable or Scam?

The research we conducted on SwarmIntelligence System did not come up with promising results. All available data points to the fact that it is 100% dubious and a likely scam. Its founding concept is solid, but the execution was probably not precise enough.

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Swarm Tech Auto Trader is still fresh and has enough time to prove its capacity to generate sufficient monetary sums. Until this occurs, however, we suggest that online traders turn to a more reliable and genuine source of Internet income.

Final Thoughts

Swarm Intelligence is founded on a sophisticated principle, but there is very little actual data that proves that it has managed to apply and implement the stated techniques and strategies accurately. Creator Dr. Steven Frances might not even be a real person. Users better opt for a Forex and CFD trading software that has an authentic daily success rate.


high_risk_stamp_top10_BRAfter making a detailed investigation our team came to the conclusion that there are better Forex to trade with than SwarmIntelligence. We cannot confirm whether SwarmIntelligence is a scam robot or not, but upon investigating we found a lot of traders’ comments and complaints about the performance of this Forex robot and we don’t have confirmation that it can achieve the profits advertised via email.

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