StockBit promises very high and quick profits to traders. But does this Forex Robot really work or is it a Scam?

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Our Robot Testers made a research of StockBit and found out that this Forex auto trading software does not rate highly. As an alternative we have selected our Top Safe Forex Auto Trading Systems along with detailed reviews for safe and secure trading.

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StockBit – Full System Review

StockBit is a newly released Forex trading platform, that now operates on the field of Forex online trading. It is presented by a man, called Noah Hastings who is actually in the role of interviewer of the robot’s creator – Daniel Watanabe. The landing page and the promo video of the product are poor and not so professionally designed so it is obvious that it shouldn’t be trusted, without further research. In this line of thinking, we decided to conduct our full review on it and to find out whether it is legit or a scam. So, stay tuned in order to get all the information we were able to reveal.


  • Completely Automated
  • Simple Design


  • Not Proven to Work
  • Expensive
  • Lack of Substantial Information


What is The StockBit?

You may notice that the name of this Forex automated trading system sound familiar. This is not a coincidence as Mr. Watanabe is allegedly one of the top developers of the Bitcoin, along with Satoshi Nakamoto. However, this information is not confirmed as there is no available data in the Internet space to support the reliability of this whole story. So, as for now, we remain neutral to issuing a final verdict about that aspect of the system.

So, according to Daniel Watanabe, this Forex trading software is mixing business and pleasure by providing online investors with the possibility to earn a steady $900 income per day. In addition, there is an autopilot mode available, which means that the robot is capable of placing trades on the behalf of users. Furthermore, the whole trading process is promoted as risk-free and highly profitable. Sadly, we were not able to confirm this information. Therefore, we are not completely sure that the trading tool really works properly.

How to Use StockBit?

Allegedly, users can get access to this automatically trading Forex platform very easily. All they need to do is to follow 3 simple steps:

  • Sign-Up – you will have to fill in an online form, which is available at the top of the landing page of the system.

  • Deposit Funds – you are required to invest at least $250 before starting your personal trading process.

  • Start Trading – choose on whether you want to trade manually or on autopilot and then begin placing trades.

As for now, there is no information about the withdrawal process, so we cannot grant you that there won’t occur any problems related to this process.

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Is StockBit a Scam or Legit System?

As far as we were able to investigate the specifics of this new Forex auto-trading software, there are mixed results, so we cannot recommend it to traders as there is a chance for it to be a scam. The facts are, that the available feedback in the Internet is insufficient and most of it is neutral or negative. Also, there are no users’ testimonials that confirm or deny the profitability of the platform. Therefore, we suggest that you be careful when it comes to dealing with StockBit and avoid signing up in it at least for now.

Final Verdict

Unfortunately, the lack of substantial information and related feedback are the reason for us not to issue a final verdict on StockBit and its scam/legit status. However, due to the fact that it may be a scam, you should better be extra cautious and not register in it. Instead, you may find a truly reliable and already proven to work Forex trading software, in order to be sure that you are going to achieve your financial goals.


high_risk_stamp_top10_BRAfter making a detailed investigation our team came to the conclusion that there are better Forex to trade with than StockBit. We cannot confirm whether StockBit is a scam robot or not, but upon investigating we found a lot of traders’ comments and complaints about the performance of this Forex robot and we don’t have confirmation that it can achieve the profits advertised via email.

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