Launched recently, the Singapore Method app promises to generate massive returns on behalf of its users for the investments they make in online financial assets. The software is fully automated and it is presented by someone called Jake Shen.

If you take a look at their promo video which is currently available on their website, you will see that the Jake Shen has done a really good job with the narration. He has tried to make himself and his app look convincing, but many people don’t know that he is inviting them to an ugly scam.

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The system may look appealing, but our investigation has proven that it is bogus. There are numerous details about this trading system that has been manipulated or kept hidden from the public.

We suggest that you read this review and find out all that you need to know about Singapore Method and why we believe it is a fraudulent trading app. Since we haven’t gathered enough information yet, we cannot confirm that Singapore Method is safe. You can Continue to Trusted Robot Site OR Choose one of approved and safe trading applications:


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What is Singapore Method?

Before you sign up with any trading system, you must first find out what it really is and what it can offer. If possible, you should also look for evidence that it is what it claims to be.

In this advanced world that we are living today, scams are prevalent and there is not much that can be done if we become a victim of an online scam. Usually, these crooks are very clever and once they get their hands on your earnings, they vanish into thin air and cannot be traced.

This is the reason we try our best to expose every new trading software that only makes bold claims, but doesn’t deliver any results. The Singapore Method is a country-coordinated app and this is not the first time this kind of app has been released. There are many in the same category targeting specific countries and people.

According to Jake, this trading system can generate significant returns for every user. Through his promo video, he shows how someone can actually get started with the software and earn massively within just a couple of hours. He guarantees that every trader will be able to earn in thousands on a daily basis once they get started with the software.


Online investments may sound lucrative, but they are not easy. We find it hard to believe that it is really possible to achieve financial success with this app. The software has failed to stand as a reliable option for trading and its users haven’t been able to fulfil their trading goals by using it.

How Does Singapore Method Work?

Learning how a software works is as important as finding out what it can offer. When we were looking at the operational process of Singapore Method, we were disappointed to see that the mechanism has not been explained clearly.

We have seen the claims and read the promises, but we also want to know how it is possible for this software to achieve all that. Seems like the developer hasn’t thought it was necessary to share those details.

The Singapore Method app is not an automated system that executes trades in the financial markets precisely. It is a simple random number generating machine that only aims to attract depositors for its broker.

If you sign up with the app, you will be assigned a broker and you will be asked to deposit at least $250 into your account. Once you do this, the software will make bad trades causing you to lose your investment funds. it is basically the broker and the affiliate marketers of the software that are on the winning side. Traders who put their hard earned funds into this trading system only get disappointment.

Interesting Fact:

The largest market in the world is the forex exchange market. The turnover for this market on a daily basis is over $4 trillion. Over the past couple of years, the market is expanded rapidly and now with the inception of technologically advanced tools and trading systems, forex trading has become more accessible for both institutional and retail traders.

Singapore Method: Dangerous Software Exposed

We don’t want our readers or anyone for that matter to become a victim of this fraudulent trading software and this is the reason we decided to expose it to create awareness.

Singapore Method is not a unique or original app. It is a duplicated software that has already been going around for some years now. The software is available in different countries under different names. They change the name of the software and its developer and create a new website to make it genuine and convincing.

But when we analysed the whole thing, we found that they have used the image of the same person in most of their promo videos. It is the same face, but has different names. This is not possible and it only shows that we are dealing with scammers here.

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Even their testimonials and reviews have come in from fake profiles. Those accounts cannot be verified, but those people can easily be found on sites like fiverr where they get paid as low as $5 to get the job done.

We have also seen screenshots of social media messages, but since they are private, there is no way to authenticate them. They could be fake just like this app and its creator.

Final Words

When investing online, it is important for traders to have realistic goals. A software that claims to earn thousands every single day is definitely fake. The Singapore Method app has failed to win the hearts of its users. No one has actually achieved anything out of it and there isn’t anyone who is actually happy with the results it produces.

We don’t recommend this app at all. We suggest that traders look for a proven solution for investing in financial products online.


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