The Saffa Method is one of the latest software that is advertised for being able to execute Forex trades automatically. To be able to use the Saffa Method, users have to complete a sign up process, invest on assets through a broker and the software will execute trades on their behalf.

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The software is developed and owned by someone named Jake Mason. He claims that the Saffa Method runs on algorithms and is capable of generating between $800 and $1000 every single day. But we highly doubt this and there are many reasons for our doubt. When taking a closer look at the marketing materials such as the promotional video, content and reviews of Saffa Method, we noticed that they look very similar to some other systems that we have reviewed in the past and labelled as scams. The explanations provided by the presenter certainly raises some red flags.

To find out the facts about Saffa Method, we conducted a thorough investigation on this system. The truth about Saffa Method has been exposed in this honest review.

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What Is Saffa Method?

The Saffa Method is a Forex robot that has been designed to execute automated trading. The system promises huge returns on investments, 24/7 client support and free mobile trading platform in addition to a completely web based platform.

In their promotional video, it can be seen that people who have made lots of profits using this software are riding in expensive cars and living lavish lifestyles. Basically, the developer and the presenter are trying to tell people out there that by using the Saffa Method, it is possible to attain financial freedom. They want traders to believe that they too can live that kind of luxurious lifestyle if they choose the Saffa Method.

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But the truth is that Saffa Method is a basic software where the chances of earning profits is not more than 50%. In fact, we have seen many systems that are similar to this one, but sadly, they are all linked to scam services. The Saffa Method could potentially be another scam because it doesn’t have a proven track record and it is not possible to generate the kind of income it is promising traders. What we can get out of all the huge promises and unreasonable claims is that the developers of Saffa Method are trying to entice traders to sign up for this bogus system so they can steal their money.

Interesting Fact:

Every year, a large number of traders lose their hard earned money to bogus automated trading robots. The sad part is that it is mostly the newcomers who fall victims to such scams. Lack of experience and knowledge is a huge disadvantage for newbies and this is how they get scammed in this lucrative world of Forex trading. According to several researches and studies, newcomers can minimize their chances of falling for scams by educating themselves. There are a lot of resources available on how to avoid getting scammed in this industry. If newcomers use the tips available, they will be able to protect themselves and also have a positive trading experience.

How Does Saffa Method Work?

Saffa Method is definitely not a system that has been designed to help traders earn profits. It is a rehashed software that has been launched on the market to benefit its marketers. The Saffa Method is fully automated and it certainly executes trades on behalf of its users. But the problem is that its accuracy rate is not even near average.

Traders who have used the Saffa Method claim that it doesn’t work as promised. Based on our investigation, we can confirm that Saffa Method is not an algorithmic trading. In the name of algorithmic trading, it is simply a random number generating machine. It doesn’t conduct market analysis or research. Trades are executed randomly and this is why the success rate is extremely low.

Is Saffa Method Scam Or Not?

Our investigation confirms that Saffa Method is not a legit trading option. It is linked to scam services and therefore we don’t recommend it.

We came across several red flags during our research on the basis of which we can say that it is not a reliable and safe auto trading robot. The first element of suspicion is the testimonials. According to the testimonials, traders have made massive profits. They have earned thousands of dollars every week, but there is no concrete evidence to support this claim.

The presenter of the promotional video has made big promises about its reliability and accuracy, but again there is no evidence available anywhere on the internet that proves that the software is indeed reliable. The brokers associated with the software are either new or blacklisted as potential scams. If the software was working as described, it would have had connections with the top brokers from the industry.


Jake Mason himself appears to be a paid actor. He is the same person who is behind several other scam systems and each time he appears with a different name. So we are still confused as to what this fictional character’s real name is.

Final Thoughts

We have done a lot of research and our findings point towards one thing and that is this Saffa Method is a potential scam. It doesn’t have innovative features, nor customer support service or any other aspects that would make it a good performer.

We advise traders to stay away from it because using it would mean losing your earnings. With safer and more reliable alternatives available on the market, it shouldn’t be hard for traders to choose a system that will actually work to earn income for them on auto pilot mode.


high_risk_stamp_top10_BRAfter making a detailed investigation our team came to the conclusion that there are better Forex to trade with than Saffa Method. We cannot confirm whether Saffa Method is a scam robot or not, but upon investigating we found a lot of traders’ comments and complaints about the performance of this Forex robot and we don’t have confirmation that it can achieve the profits advertised via email.

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