Regal Options is pretty much similar to many Forex and CFDs brokers, offering the same type of assets and general trading experience. However many traders are questioning if Regal Options is legitimate or it’s a scam broker?

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Regal Options has low positions in Google Trends as you can see on the graph below. According to our detailed Scam Inspection we weren’t able to gain enough data and information. This makes us suspicious about the broker’s offers and services.

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Regal Options Review

Regal Options is one of the growing Forex trading platforms that can be found these days. Users can trade on its Tradologic platform which the company claimed to ensures stable, swift and problem-free services. Offering a payout of 81% seems quite impressive in the present Forex trading industry. On the website there is a selection of assets that are divided into 4 major groups-indices, currency pairs, stocks and commodities. The lists of stocks seem to be very impressive, but you need to verify about the broker’s security measures and to be sure that your money will be safe.


Regal Options Promotions

Considering the promotional offers, it must be stated that Regal Options offers such events in the form of trading marathons. The traders with the maximum number of carried out trades are declared winners, offering a chance to win up to $200,000 bonus. There are other prizes as well – from $5,000 to $20,000. However this is just another way that the broker wants to ensure its customers to trade continuously on their platform. You can also be awarded with one free webinar upon paying for the first one. We must say that the broker would gain more trust if all webinars are free, not to make traders spend additional amount of money to use them.

Note that when clients receive a bonus to their account they will have to trade at least 30 times the bonus amount and as it is claimed in Regal Options’s Bonus Policy – “Any bonus is for trading purposes and cannot be withdrawn”. Keep in mind that conditions, because it can cause withdrawal problems.

Regal Options Deposits and Withdrawal Methods

The minimum deposit amount is $200 which is standard in the present Forex industry and though the payout is claimed by Regal Options to be dynamic we are not sure that the broker is truly offering 81% payouts to all its traders. Customers are requested to be careful about this aspect. The broker promises to insure a part of your trade against any loss. In simple terms 20% of your trades can be protected. We could not fully check this feature out, so we can’t comment.

regaloptions payment methods

The withdrawal procedure is quite long and it takes up to 10 days for the complete processing of the withdrawals. Thereafter, you have to wait for another 3 to 10 business days for the money to show up in your bank account. So be prepared to spend a long time waiting. For wire transfer they will charge you an extra $25.

Regal Options Demo

Any reputed broker offers a demo account to help the traders. A demo account can be incredibly helpful for newbies to test the broker’s features when it comes to trading, while the experienced ones can test new strategies. You must be aware that Regal Options does not offer a demo account feature on opening a real account and this is considered as a big disadvantage, because many customers become really confused whether to invest their money or not.


Regal Options Scam

There is not any direct indication of a fraudulent activity with this broker, but the Tradologic platform is not used by many Forex brokers. There have been reported certain issues with the bonus offerings and it was really difficult to gain any return bonuses as claimed by many traders. However we could not verify the source of these comments. Considering the competition of the Forex industry, the flexible trading platforms, assets indexes and payouts, it is always preferred to sign up with a regulated broker. We could not find any direct evidence as to whether Regal Options is regulated by CySEC or any other regulatory institution.

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Thus, before you make a final deposit, make sure this one is a secured broker with legitimate and real time proofs or choose from approved brokers.

Regal Options Complaints

There have been certain issues with the withdrawal process as it has been complained that a lot of withdrawals took almost 14 days for completing the whole process. Also some complaints are regarding the hidden clauses and regulations that are not informed before registration. Bonus returns are not availed by a lot of traders. Another major problems are the locked accounts. Although we are not sure how many of these complaints are from genuine traders, we do advice our traders to be really alert before trading on this platform.


During our full investigation we checked all the services and features that Regal Options provides its traders. We outlined the most important information about Regal Options in this review and the general conclusion is that there are more reliable brokers than Regal Options with better reputation and higher overall score. Although there is no hard evidence that Regal Options is scam, we can neither confirm its safety nor legitimacy.

We strongly advise you to Proceed to Safety – with the highest reputation Forex broker, which was selected on the basis of the best performance results during our independent testing.




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