Is Million Dollar Duplicator a Scam?

Million Dollar Duplicator promises very high and quick profits to traders. But does this Forex Robot really work or is Million Dollar Duplicator a Scam?

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Our Robot Testers made a research of Million Dollar Duplicator and found out that this Forex robot does not rate highly in Google Trends and there is no significant data about them. As an alternative we have selected our Top Safe Forex Robots along with detailed reviews for safe and secure trading.

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What Is Million Dollar Duplicator?

The Million Dollar Duplicator is one of the newest Forex trading systems that are available on the market today, created my Michael Bradley who claims to have years of experience in trading Forex and CFDs. The website of the product has been well designed and there is an introduction video that tells some basic information about the software. The creator of the software claims that the Million Dollar Duplicator is an effective way of making money in binary options trading. Without a system like this, it would be very difficult for traders to predict the movement of the market and execute profitable trades.


Instead of waiting for upward trends in the market, this software can help traders make profit in between as well. It has also been claimed that anyone who wants to work from home can benefit a lot by using the Million Dollar Duplicator as it can offer “unlimited income”. Because the promotional video was so compelling, we decided to find out more about the software to see if it really works as it claims or is just another scam.

Million Dollar Duplicator Software

The Million Dollar Duplicator Software has been designed to duplicate your earnings. It has been created not only to make Forex trading easy, but to help traders generate huge amounts of income in a very short period of time. The software is easy to use as you only have to download it and run it on your system. It works on different operating systems including smart phones such as iPhones and Android powered devices. But one thing that you must know before trying the Million Dollar Duplicator is that although the software is available for free, you will be required to open a trading account with a broker they recommend. It is not possible to use your existing account with this software. You must also note that before you get access to the software, you will have to make an initial deposit with the broker.

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Million Dollar Duplicator Results

The Million Dollar Duplicator has been designed to make trading easy. By using the software, you are promised to easily earn $30,000 every month. It also claims to have a success rate of 80%. But these claims sound too good to be true. Good things in life come with a price tag and we are unable to understand why the creator would give away a software system that can generate thousands of dollars every month for free.

Because we are still continuing our investigation, we cannot confirm that this software is not a scam. There are no free systems out there that can help traders sit at home and see huge profits roll in. To be able to get good returns on investments in Forex trading, traders must have the skills, knowledge and expertise needed to execute winning trades. Our advice is to look for a more reliable Forex trading system.

Is Million Dollar Duplicator Legit?

There are many questions that come to mind when we think about whether the Million Dollar Duplicator is legit or not. The photograph of the creator is actually a stock photo that has been used multiple times under multiple names all over the internet. The intro video makes huge claims, but we failed to find genuine proof that supports the claims. There are testimonials available, but these do not seem genuine.

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Also, not enough information about the software is available on Google which raises some doubts about whether it is scam or not. They also do not mention on their FAQ section which Forex and CFDs trading broker they recommend. A great deal of important information is missing on their website. Anyone who wants to trade Forex using a software system would definitely like to know how it works, the broker they recommend and how much money they can actually make out of the system. We cannot say that the Million Dollar Duplicator is reputable because we did not come across solid proof of anyone making a fortune out of it.

Does Million Dollar Duplicator System Work?

Just like other Forex trading systems out there, the Million Dollar Duplicator is also created to make trading easy. It is designed to give signals to traders when the market conditions are favourable. But relying on the system entirely is not a smart decision because these kinds of systems cannot predict market data accurately all the time. Our suggestion is to learn Forex trading first and use your skills and strategies. There are many software systems which are more reliable and proven. Consider choosing safer options or use precaution when looking to sign up with the Million Dollar Duplicator.


high_risk_stamp_top10_BRAfter making a detailed investigation our team came to the conclusion that there are better Forex to trade with than Million Dollar Duplicator. We cannot confirm whether Million Dollar Duplicator is a scam robot or not, but upon investigating we found a lot of traders’ comments and complaints about the performance of this Forex robot and we don’t have confirmation that it can achieve the profits advertised via email.

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