Is Make Money Robot a Scam?

Make Money Robot promises very high and quick profits to traders. But does this Forex Robot really work or is it a Scam?

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Our Robot Testers made a research of Make Money Robot and found out that this Forex robot does not rate highly in Google Trends and there is no significant data about them. As an alternative we have selected our Top Safe Forex Robots along with detailed reviews for safe and secure trading.

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Make Money Robot Full Review

Make Money Robot is an Auto Trading software which has revolutionized the Forex trading market. Make Money Robot is a complex code software that was developed by a nonprofit community of specialists. The robot is updated and upgraded on a constant basis.

Michael Williamson is one of the creators of In 2012, he worked as a stock broker in a well-known Wall Street financial institution. He and his team are focused in making this robot easier and more user-friendly such that more and more traders from all over the world are able to take advantage of its services.

The team behind Make Money Robot have developed an advanced cloud programming capability that has been scaled by 10 for purposes of increasing the circulation capacity and in turn its power to open more than 15,000 operations simultaneously. This enabled them to create over 10,000 new licenses for the system.


How Make Money Robot Works?

Make Money Robot is an automated market signal system that is connected to a private insider report network which offers an information feed that explains to traders how the price of financial assets will be should they close lower or higher than the current price. With this super valuable information, traders are able to win money by knowing beforehand how the stock market prices will move.

This is an absolutely private information network that has been a very well kept secret thus far which was accessible to only a few stockbrokers and millionaires across the globe. But today, the MIT graduates that work for Make Money Robot have developed a tool which simplifies the entire process.

The most amazing aspect of this tool is that traders do not require any experience in web related trading whatsoever. Users who are completely computer illiterate can also use the system without having to attend any boring webinars to learn how to sell products or even read any books. All you need to do is be in front of your computer screen for one minute and then press only a single button. This is because the system is 100% automatic.

How to Start?

There is a current promotion that features only 350 licenses every day until November, 2014. All you need to do to get started is simply visit the website and provide your email address. This will get you to the second step of using the robot which will enable you to begin making money. Hurry up though as there are only a few licenses left.

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Make Money Robot Minimum Investment

There is no minimum investment required to use the Make Money Robot as it is free of charge.

Expected return

The robot allows you to win $1,586 per day and enjoy immediate benefits without taxes, by simply clicking on a button. This is a system so powerful that it is capable of generating a daily income for you of up to $1586. This adds up to $47,580 in 30 days and $570,960 a year.

Make Money Robot Testimonials

“I got my license to trade on just last week. Before this, I didn’t know anything about trading Forex and CFDs – in fact, I had never even heard of Forex before then. I have been using this robot for the last few days on platforms recommended by the site and I must say that I am very dissapointed. Within a week, I have made only 2 winning trades and 20 unsuccessful ones! In less than 4 days, the robot has taken me from $900 to $18!”

Mike from Berlin, Germany

“I give 2 thumbs down to the Make Money Robot. I still can’t believe that in just a single week of using this software, it lost all of my investment. This is like a year’s salary for me. Anyone who’s looking to make some profits with Forex and CFDs trading should avoid this software and look for another. I have been a trader in Forex for a while now and prefer to focus on long term trends.  I do not recommend the Make Money Robot. “

Douglas from Toronto, Canada

“The Make Money Robot is a robot type trading software that scans the market for opportunities that enable traders to make quick trades. The system guarantees that you are statistically capable of making profits in the short term. Out of my first 10 trades with this Make Money Robot, I lost seven or had a win rate of 21%. I highly recommend to all traders both novice and experts to avoid this system. I was never able to make a withdrawal.”

Kim from London, United Kingdom


high_risk_stamp_top10_BRAfter making a detailed investigation our team came to the conclusion that there are better Forex to trade with than Make Money Robot. We cannot confirm whether Make Money Robot is a scam robot or not, but upon investigating we found a lot of traders’ comments and complaints about the performance of this Forex robot and we don’t have confirmation that it can achieve the profits advertised via email.

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