Inside Option Review

Inside Option claims to give the possibility of making high profits on the Forex market. However since this broker is new, many traders are asking if making a deposit with Inside Option carries any financial risk or not?

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Our team was not able to gather enough information to indicate if Inside Option is a scam or not. We were hardly able to find any trader comments in many of the trading forums and even those we found didn’t seem to be genuine.

In this case we cannot recommend Inside Option and the alternative for our trader is to Proceed to Safety OR to choose a trustworthy broker from the table:


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Inside Option Review

Inside Option is a trading platform which claims to help a lot of traders with Forex trades which has been very popular in the present market. To trade on the Inside Option platform, customers are not required to download any additional or external software for having a real time trading experience. But, considering it is a new arrival in the market, this trading platform may not be able to offer the safety and security demanded by the traders. So it is better to read our review before you make an investment.

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Inside Option Promotions

One of the major offers provided by Inside Option as claimed by the company is a friendly user interface even for the mobile users; and that includes both the Android and iOS. But, unfortunately we are not sure whether the company’s app works as flawlessly as it is claimed. The other promotions comprises of a free registration. These offers are not very unique in comparison to other trading platforms and since it is a newly launched company we are still gathering information and we cannot confirm that Inside Option is safe.

Inside Option Deposits and Withdrawal Methods

The registration is free, but for the initialization of real-time trading, you need to deposit an amount of $250 and the minimum withdrawal amount is $100 which is very common in the Forex trading industry. There are certain bonus features and additional bonus offers on opening an account. But the catch is the more you deposit the more bonus offers you shall be able to avail; which come with clauses like a certain amount of volume trades. Before depositing, it is better to ensure the safety since the Inside Option is not regulated.

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Inside Option Demo

Considering a demo account, it is always useful since you shall be able to avail a lot of features starting from the trading options to the asset indexes and a real time trading options can be experienced without investing your real money.

However we find no evidence that Inside Option is offering any demo account to the traders. When the Forex trading market is flooded with many brokers who offer demo accounts, it would have been better if this broker too had offered the same for the traders, to improve trust and reliability.

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Inside Option Scam

Though the company is not regulated, yet it cannot be pointed as a scam since no such issues have been directly reported. But there are incidents that traders have deposited an amount of $500 which turned into auto trading and the trading managers tried to convince about letting them do the trade. Also there have been incidents where without an approval of a trader, money has been deducted from their accounts. Though we cannot confirm if these incidents are real and the company claims to have refunded the amounts of the traders, we suggest you to find out more reliable and safe broker.

Inside Option Complaints

Apart from the above mentioned issues, there are certain complaints about the bonus features which are not available as per the terms and conditions, depicts that the company has some hidden clause regarding the bonus offers. The withdrawal process takes almost 14 days which is really frustrating for a lot of users. Considering these problems, it is better to look out for certain alternate trading platforms that are much more experienced and offer a lot more security.


During our full investigation we checked all the services and features that Inside Option provides its traders. We outlined the most important information about Inside Option in this review and the general conclusion is that there are more reliable brokers than Inside Option with better reputation and higher overall score. Although there is no hard evidence that Inside Option is scam, we can neither confirm its safety nor legitimacy.

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