Developed by Nikolay Potanin, Fast Million is a new Forex software. According to the developer, this software has turned average traders into millionaires and since it gives the opportunity to earn from Forex trading, it can be used to generate a stable and solid online income.

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But during our investigation, we established some shady aspects of using this software. we understand that it is possible to earn a side income by using automated tools that are available online these days. But generating massive profits that can change someone’s entire lifestyle seem too good to be true. We doubt that Fast Million has the potential to deliver exceptional trading results and this is why we decided to investigate further.

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What is Fast Million?

Fast Million claims to be a unique project that can help ordinary traders and investors generate massive income through Forex. This software is also known as Sigma Pro and it claims to offer a solution whereby traders can participate in a project and become wealthy quickly and effortlessly. We took a look at the presentation video to find out more about what the project is really about and how it can help traders generate massive income online. But the shocking part is that at no point during the presentation it is mentioned what Fast Million really is.

The narrator seems to be quite busy trying to convince traders how they can become wealthy quickly. He has however failed to provide any explanation or reasoning as to how it’s possible. The problem with these kinds of trading systems and offers is that they don’t work. The majority of them turn out to be scams and get blacklisted.

Interesting Fact:

Genuine trading systems or programs don’t promise fake profits such as making their users a millionaire in a short period of time. The ones that make such promises are simply scam systems that have been developed to steal their user’s money. Traders can protect themselves in this online world of trading by learning to identify these scam elements. Once traders are able to do this, they can choose good trading systems and enhance their online income in a legit and proven manner.

How Does Fast Million Work?

As claimed by the narrator, Fast Million is an easy way to earn profits from Forex and CFD trading. The project offers training materials and courses that can be used by ordinary traders to learn more about Forex trading and developing strategies to maximize their potential gains.

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To get started with the system, traders must complete a sign up form with their name and email address. The narrator claims that traders have nothing to risk when they sign up for this program. After completing the quick sign up process, traders will receive all the information they need to get started with this unique project.

But our investigation reveals that there is no legitimate trading solution available that can make these kinds of unrealistic claims. Only in a fantasy world, earning millions from online trading is possible. Fast Million is definitely not a unique project that traders can sign up for and embark on a journey to achieve financial freedom.

Most probably, it is a poor Forex trading tool that has been designed to deprive traders of their hard earned money.

Is Fast Million Reliable Or Not?

We have no reason to believe that Fast Million is a legit system. first of all, this system or “project” was never featured on BBC, Forbes or CNN. We performed a quick search in those news portals and we did not find any results or articles that talks about this trading software.

When we dug deeper, we found out that the developers of this fake software has been using fake clients to promote their product. The software appeared on the Forex trading horizon recently and it is impossible for it to have over 14,000 users as it claims to have. The users do not exist and the testimonials and feedback have simply been fabricated. There are no genuine reviews or feedback about Fast Million.


Moving further, Nikolay Potanin claims to be a researcher at a renowned institute. But when we looked for information, we found nothing. This developer is as bogus as this software. everything about Fast Million is a lie. We also have enough evidence that those who are supporting this program are hired actors.

Final Words

The narrator in the video presentation only sells ideas on how traders can earn generous profits from Forex. But there is no logical explanation or reasoning provided as to how that is possible. The narration has been done very unprofessionally and the fake testimonials, reviews and statements spark even more suspicion that Fast Million is a potential scam.

Our investigation has revealed numerous scam elements on the basis on which we can confirm that Fast Million is not a safe or reliable option for trading Forex. Traders are advised to stay away from it.


high_risk_stamp_top10_BRAfter making a detailed investigation our team came to the conclusion that there are better Forex to trade with than Fast Million. We cannot confirm whether Fast Million is a scam robot or not, but upon investigating we found a lot of traders’ comments and complaints about the performance of this Forex robot and we don’t have confirmation that it can achieve the profits advertised via email.

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