Is Dow Jones Focus Group a Scam?

Dow Jones Focus Group promises very high and quick profits to traders. But does this Forex Robot really work or is it a Scam?

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Our Robot Testers made a research of Dow Jones Focus Group and found out that this Forex robot does not rate highly in Google Trends and there is no significant data about them. As an alternative we have selected our Top Safe Forex Robots along with detailed reviews for safe and secure trading.

Since we haven’t gathered enough information yet, we cannot confirm that Dow Jones Focus Group is safe. You can Continue to Trusted Robot Site OR Choose one of approved and safe trading applications:


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Dow Jones Focus Group – What Is It All About?

In this article, we are going to show you our detailed investigation results on Dow Jones Focus Group – a Forex robot. It’s on the market of trading since October 19, 2015. The project manager is Jeffery Richards. Dow Jones Focus Group is also known as Equinox. They created this software and give to people opportunity to start trading. Also, they claim to be giving you a chance to change you life with this software. Equinox is trading software created for beginners and it’s said to be really easy to use. Equinox has been tested and has not been approved by many of the worlds professionals. To find out the truth about the Dow Jones Focus Group read our review below.


Dow Jones Focus Group – Reliable Software or Scam?

We made sure to carefully inspect the Dow Jones Focus Group. The result is, that they don’t give to traders enough information on their website and this leaves many questions without answer. We also decided to search for some positive comments of investors that are using the system, but most of them are expressing only disappointment.

In addition, all the things that are promised to traders don’t seem to be given. Therefore, we don’t think they succeed to keep track on everything they say.

Final Verdict

After the end of our survey we came to the conclusion that this software isn’t safe and secure.

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Dow Jones Focus Group fails to give us security because the good results are not real and there are no proofs for the opposite. Maybe after a while this group will indeed perform better to the investors who want to trade with them. As for now, we would advise you to avoid trusting the platform.


high_risk_stamp_top10_BRAfter making a detailed investigation our team came to the conclusion that there are better Forex to trade with than Dow Jones Focus Group. We cannot confirm whether Dow Jones Focus Group is a scam robot or not, but upon investigating we found a lot of traders’ comments and complaints about the performance of this Forex robot and we don’t have confirmation that it can achieve the profits advertised via email.

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