Daweda promises profitable opportunities and trading satisfaction to its traders. But is this broker a Big Scam or Not?

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It is no coincidence that this broker comes with so low rank on Google Trends graph and is not recommended by many traders. This is the reason why we doubt that you will make the right choice if you choose to open an account with Daweda.

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Daweda Exchange Review

Daweda Exchange is a Forex trading platform provider that gives traders the freedom to buy and sell options directly from other traders. This form of trading is also known as peer-to peer trading where a Forex broker is not involved. Depending on the investment that is made, one of the parties will get back 100% returns and Daweda Exchange will get a commission out of the trade. In a statement released by the company, they don’t understand why there is a need for brokers when it is possible for clients to trade among themselves. This is the reason they designed a model that can suit the interests of every kind of trader.


But is their service able to meet the needs of traders? Most importantly, is it a genuine service or an online scam? In this review, we will take a look at what Daweda Exchange is about and whether it is a trusted service provider.

Is Daweda Exchange a Scam Trading Platform Provider?

It is possible that Daweda Exchange is a scam because when we were looking for information about this platform provider, we did not find any evidence that they are a legit option for traders. We don’t understand the point of trading directly with clients because when we have a broker in the middle, then we can at least have some assurance that our funds are kept safe and that the results are not being manipulated.

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With Daweda Exchange, it is likely that they are manipulating the results for their own gain although they say that regardless of whoever wins, they only get a commission out of it. Even Google doesn’t have enough information about this new Forex platform service provider and this is the reason we are a bit skeptical about recommending them. We have seen better options than this and until they prove that they are reliable and safe, we will not advise traders to sign up for their service.

Trading Platform

Daweda Exchange operates on a custom developed trading platform. Its very own Orderbook has two levels; the first which is suitable for novices and the other which suitable for more experienced traders. It takes the orderbook 4 milliseconds to execute a trade. The trading platform allows traders to buy an option from a client. Basically one party has to believe that the price will go up and the other has to believe that the price will go down in order for the trade to be executed. When the contract expires, one of the parties will gain a 100% return on their investment.

Account Types & Bonuses

There is a single type of account that you can sign up for at Daweda Exchange. On the homepage, you will find a ‘start trading’ button and once you click on it, you will automatically be taken to the registration page where you can enter your details and open an account.

There is a demo account also available which allows you to try out the platform before you invest any money. But we feel that the results of demo trading are manipulated so clients can see it as a profitable option and sign up. And once they get started with the real investment process, then they will see that the trades they execute actually result in losses.


Deposit & Withdrawal Procedures

When you click on the deposit button, you will be taken to the deposit page where you can add funds to your account. The options for making a deposit include Skrill, credit cards, and bank transfer. The withdrawal options are the same and withdrawals are generally processed within 24 hours. One withdrawal is free every month, but additional withdrawals incur a fee of $25 per withdrawal.

Customer Support

If you want to contact the support team at Daweda Exchange, you can send them a fax, an email or use the contact form on their website. There is no instant form of communication available for traders such as live chat. Telephone service is also not available.


During our full investigation we checked all the services and features that Daweda provides its traders. We outlined the most important information about Daweda in this review and the general conclusion is that there are more reliable brokers than Daweda with better reputation and higher overall score. Although there is no hard evidence that Daweda is scam, we can neither confirm its safety nor legitimacy.

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