The Crypto Wealth system has been launched recently on the market. The software is a cryptocurrency trading software that has been created by someone called Max Carney. He recently launched another of his creations – BitCoin Wealth.

In his video presentation, the creator has claimed that the software works on complex algorithms and allows traders to enjoy massive profits on complete auto pilot mode. Even traders without any experience in online investments can get started with this software in few simple steps and earn considerable profits.

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The words of Max Carney sound very convincing, but when we performed an investigation to reveal out the truth about the Crypto Wealth system and the BitCoin Wealth – as they are one and the same, we found out that everything about this software is a big lie.

We advise traders to Continue to Trusted Robot Site or find a reliable and working solution for their trading needs. In this comprehensive review, we have highlighted the facts about this software and the reasons why it is not a good investment tool.


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Crypto Wealth (BitCoin Wealth) Explained

The Crypto Wealth system offers online investors the opportunity to invest in cryptocurrencies. It claims to be based on a revolutionary technology and sophisticated algorithms that make it a powerful performer.

We came across claims that traders who sign up for it can earn at least $4000 a day and $20,000 every week. Over time, the software can turn an average person into a millionaire. Such claims may sound really tempting, but we must not forget that these kinds of claims are only made by bogus creators and systems.

The software does not perform well. Although it has been tested numerous times, the results it delivers do not meet the expectations of traders.

Interesting Fact:

The blockchain technology does exist and currently they are of two types. Firstly, the public blockchain allows people to see the transactions that have been made from anywhere in the world. However, in a private blockchain, users get restricted permission and only predetermined members can see the transactions.

The Operational Mechanism of Crypto Wealth?

When we were looking for information on their website on how the software actually, we found out that they have mentioned blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence. In the presentation video, Max Carney has been seen mentioning something about complex algorithms and computer codes that make the software reliable and accurate.

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But during our investigation, we found that the Crypto Wealth software has no relevance to either blockchain technology or Artificial Intelligence. It looks more like a random number generator which fools people with fake signals and steals their money after making losing trades. We haven’t seen this software making any winning trades on behalf of its users so far. This is the reason we cannot agree with Max Carney that it is a revolutionary software or has the potential to generate massive profits daily.

Crypto Wealth (Bitcoin Wealth): Legit Or Not?

During our research, we came across a number of disturbing things about the Crypto Wealth software. First of all, the fabricated bank statement of Max Carney speaks a lot about the kind of scam this whole thing really is. In the bank statement, some contradictive information is very evident. There are dates which show that transactions have taken place on weekends. Bank transfers cannot take place on weekends so how is it possible that those dates are reflected on the creator’s bank statement. This one thing alone indicates that the Crypto Wealth system is a big scam.

Another thing is that name on the statement. At some places, the name from where the amount has been transferred is written as Crypto Wealth and at other places it is written as Crypto Wealth LLC. The name should be the same throughout for genuine transactions. Different names suggest that traders will be dealing with a scam if they sign up for the Crypto Wealth software.

Max Carney is claiming to be making millions in profits. This very popular guy should be world famous by now isn’t it? But we didn’t find any information about the creator anywhere on the internet. It appears that the imposters behind this lousy scam are using paid actors and changing their names to hide their real identity from the public.


Our Verdict

In the practical world, it is not possible for people to sit at home and generate huge income from the comfort of their armchair. While, there are trading solutions that work, there is no software that can guarantee a minimum of $4000 every day.

We are really disappointed, not only with the claims Max Carney has been making, but also with the performance of Crypto Wealth software and the BitCoin Wealth. It doesn’t work in a way that investors would expect it to work. Basically, it lacks all the essential features that can help traders meet their investment goals. We don’t recommend Crypto Wealth at all. It is a scam software and traders should stay away from.


high_risk_stamp_top10_BRAfter making a detailed investigation our team came to the conclusion that there are better Forex to trade with than Crypto Wealth. We cannot confirm whether Crypto Wealth is a scam robot or not, but upon investigating we found a lot of traders’ comments and complaints about the performance of this Forex robot and we don’t have confirmation that it can achieve the profits advertised via email.

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