Crypterium promises to generate significant and stable results in order to meet the expectations of its clients. But is this broker a Scam or Not?

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It is no coincidence that this broker is not recommended by many traders. This is the reason why we doubt that you will make the right choice if you choose to open an account with Crypterium.

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Crypterium is a brand new online trading system which is focused to provide regular investors with access to a cryptocurrency trading option. The interesting part regarding the essence of the platform is that it has been developed with the idea to serve as a crypto bank. We therefore figured out this such kind of software should be regulated by some authority. Sadly, our detailed research didn’t manage to find information about this matter.

When it comes to the developing team behind the crypto bank system, it has been stated that it was founded by four people – Steven Polyak (Managing Director), Gleb Markov (COO), Vladimir Gorbunov (CCO) and Austin Kimm (IR Director). In our opinion a large number of creators is not a good sign in terms of the product’s capacity, support services and user-friendly interface.

Another reg flag in our investigation is the disturbing lack of any provided proof which could confirm the legitimacy of this crypto mining platform. This is why we cannot recommend it to our readers as a legit and authentic Initial Crypto Offering (ICO).

If you are interested to learn more about this potentially fraudulent system, we advise you to keep reading the following scam review.

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What is Crypterium Cryptobank?

According to the limited official information, provided on the website of the platform, it should be able to offer risk-free transactions to its clients. In addition, it is supposed to act as a mediator between the crypto and fiat currencies to favorable results. As we have already mentioned, we are concerned with the fact that there are 4 creators behind this system and according to the promo clip it is still not officially released on the market. Not to mention the fact that apparently this crypto bank is not regulated or monitored by any independent authority which means that no one can stop the software from scamming regular traders.

To sum it up, we advise all our followers and regular readers not to sign up in this suspicious trading instrument but to proceed to safety. For example, you should definitely take a close look at the QProfit System which has been created by the prominent investor Jerry Douglas.

How To use Crypterium?

It was a challenging task but we somehow managed to reveal the truth about the operational process of the crypto bank. As soon as you register in the platform, you are going to receive a loan in the form of digital currency. Then, you should exchange it for some traditional currency. When the loan expiration date is already near enough, the borrow must redeem and clear it off via the CRED platform with the interest rate included.

Another way to use the crypto bank is to buy some tokens thus becoming a part of the company. The fact that disturbs us here is that there are too many unclear situations and uncertainties therefore it is very risky.


Is the Crypto Bank a Scam or Not?

Our team put a lot of efforts in order to properly evaluate and analyze the performance and the features of this newly launched crypto bank. One thing we learned and it is that there are still too many questions without an answer which is really disturbing. This is why we cannot recommend the platform as a legit investment instrument. On the contrary, we believe that it is more likely a scam that should be avoided. The comments of former members of the system confirm it. People are highly disappointed with the delivered results so they suggest that no one should register for this product.

Final Thoughts

Crypterium is a mysterious online platform that doesn’t provide regular traders with any substantial and relevant information regarding its purpose, function, and characteristics. We therefore consider it unreliable and fraudulent. The best advice we could give to our readers is not to register for it and to proceed to safety, instead.


During our full investigation we checked all the services and features that Crypterium provides its traders. We outlined the most important information about Crypterium in this review and the general conclusion is that there are more reliable brokers than Crypterium with better reputation and higher overall score. Although there is no hard evidence that Crypterium is scam, we can neither confirm its safety nor legitimacy.

We strongly advise you to Proceed to Safety – with the highest reputation Forex broker, which was selected on the basis of the best performance results during our independent testing.




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