Crazy Finance Limited promises profitable opportunities and trading satisfaction to its traders. But is this broker a Big Scam or Not?

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It is no coincidence that this broker comes with so low rank on Google Trends graph and is not recommended by many traders. This is the reason why we doubt that you will make the right choice if you choose to open an account with Crazy Finance Limited.

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Crazy Finance Limited Review

Operating in the online investment sphere is like swimming in an ocean filled with underwater groundswells and sharks. Not always, of course. There exist a couple of tested trading methods, brokers, system and techniques. Distinguishing between the ones that do get the job done and those that do not is the hard part of the deal.

In the present review we are going to pay attention to a brand new investment program that is recently released. Its name is Crazy Finance Limited and the online trading community has been wondering whether it deserves for monetary amount and countless hours to be placed into it.


Specific Characteristics of Crazy Finance Limited

This investment program does not possess many special features. It does provide some form of customer support. Unfortunately, it is only available through emails and is accessible only in English. The other unique features is the types of account it offers. They only differ in the deposited amounts and the length of each trading plan. Profiles that Crazy Finance Ltd. as follows: Daily for 7 Days, Daily for 14 Days, Daily for 20 Days, Daily for 25 Days and Daily for 29 Days.

Basic Facts About Crazy Finance Limited

Crazy Finance Limited is a relatively new Forex trading broker. There is not much information or data available about it on the world wide web. The one that the investment program provides on its official website is neither extensive, nor exhaustive.

We could confirm that it is registered in the United Kingdom. However, the online trading community has alerted that it is probably a part of the high-yield investment programs. Users are never given more facts about the founding and supporting team. Other than the relatively general information that they are composed of ‘expert’ traders.

This, however, is what every software or Forex broker claims. So, there are a lot of unresolved matters surrounding Crazy Finance.

Keep in Mind:

High-yield investment programs, or HYIP for short, are based on the concept that users who have managed to execute a deal before the rest will receive profits which are paid by the monetary amount those after them have placed. Deciding on whether this is a legitimate method of amplifying one’s earnings is quite the disputable matter.

A lot of online traders have lost considerable amounts trying to conduct a successful financial operation through HYIP. This is why investing with one is not recommendable. There is little data made available on the Internet as to how exactly do they function.

Crazy Finance Limited – Trustworthy or Not?

This particular Forex broker is not very popular with the general trading community. Not only because it has been launched not so long ago. But because the few that have tested it as a profit-generating solution have not been satisfied by its results.

Also, the lack of data provided by Crazy Finance as to how the investment program actually functions is quite discouraging. Chances are that it might belong to the HYIP schemes.

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Its creators supposedly intended it as a solid investment program that operates mainly currencies.

But how exactly will this happen is never clarified. There are no testimonials to confirm that it is legitimate. Therefore, it should be regarded as a possible scam.

Crazy Finance Limited Denouement

This investment program can not be determined as completely reliable. Nor can Crazy Finance Limited be deemed as a 100% scam. Our investigation came to the conclusion that it is best for online traders to try a different platform or software as a profit-increasing solution. More data needs to be gathered on this particular Forex broker before we can recommend or denounce it.

It would be best for users to turn to a tested and proven to be safe trading program.


During our full investigation we checked all the services and features that Crazy Finance Limited provides its traders. We outlined the most important information about Crazy Finance Limited in this review and the general conclusion is that there are more reliable brokers than Crazy Finance Limited with better reputation and higher overall score. Although there is no hard evidence that Crazy Finance Limited is scam, we can neither confirm its safety nor legitimacy.

We strongly advise you to Proceed to Safety – with the highest reputation Forex broker, which was selected on the basis of the best performance results during our independent testing.




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