CoinBotLab is being marketed as a fully automated cryptocurrency trading software. It has been introduced in the market by anonymous creators. Since its launch, one thing that many traders are looking to find out is whether it is a scam or a genuine solution for investing in the lucrative field of digital currencies.

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We believe that this is a legitimate question which deserves an answer. This is the reason we carried out an investigation to reveal the truth about this newly developed cryptocurrency trading system.

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What Is CoinBotLab?

This cryptocurrency investment software alleges that it makes use of sophisticated algorithms to process data and search for opportunities.

The creators who have chosen to remain anonymous claim that it is an efficient tool that delivers positive results and outcome. They also claim that the software has been verified and proven to work.

We did come across several testimonials and reviews on their website where people are claiming that they earned massively with it. Some claim that their lives have completely changed after giving CoinBotLab a try.

But, our inquiry has proven that these claims and statements aren’t true. They are unreasonable and baseless and there is no guarantee that CoinBotLab is an accurate investment software.

Interesting Fact:

A number of fundamental influences can increase the price of cryptocurrencies or cause them to drop to zero. Some factors include government regulations, mainstream acceptance, technological innovations and media exposure. A trader must always keep an eye open for these influences and make the right choices because these changes are beyond the comprehension of an automated trading software.

How to Get Started?

It is crucial to note that CoinBotLab doesn’t offer the best trading conditions and we don’t encourage anyone to sign up for this software. The information we are presenting in this section is for knowledge only.

  • Sign Up – this initial step towards getting started with CoinBotLab is free. It requires you to input your details in the form on their website.
  • Join a Broker – in this step, you will be assigned a broker you have to register with. A deposit of $250 will also be required.
  • Activate Software – the software will only be accessible after putting the deposit in the account. After this, you will have no control over how it works or how it uses the investment funds.

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How Does CoinBotLab Work?

According to information provided on their website, the software uses a scientifically developed algorithm to perform trading tasks. They claim that the system is reliable and proven to work.

But our investigation suggests that its success rate has not been proven and the software itself hasn’t been verified.

We don’t advise traders to use it because if it is left to work without supervision, it will wipe out the entire trading account.

The logical reasoning behind its working mechanism has not been discussed on their website. There is no presentation video which can explain how it works to deliver the kind of results they are claiming.

Irrelevant, misleading and lack of information suggests that CoinBotLab isn’t a viable trading option. It doesn’t deliver positive results and it certainly doesn’t help its users meet their trading goals.

Is CoinBotLab Legitimate or Not?

During our investigation, we visited many forums and review sites and we found many negative feedback and complaints about the system. Real traders claim that this is not an authentic system.

Secondly, there is no information available on who created the software. The creators have chosen to keep their identities hidden and we know this usually happens when there is something fishy going on.

Another thing that should alert traders is that the brokers they assign are not legitimate. They have been banned in several countries or have a very poor reputation. Even if traders are able to accumulate earnings in their account, they will complicate withdrawal processes and make it impossible for traders to transfer their funds.


CoinBotLab isn’t just a discredited software, but the scammers behind it are using fake marketing tactics to promote it. They have used stock images, fabricated testimonials and unreasonable claims to lure traders into signing up for the software.

We don’t think serious traders should ever consider using it because the risk of losing the funds is very high.

Final Thoughts

Based on our experience, we can say that there are better performing cryptocurrency trading systems out there. CoinBotLab is definitely not a reliable or legit option.

Our advice for traders is to stay away from this trading system because it is risky and potentially dangerous.


high_risk_stamp_top10_BRAfter making a detailed investigation our team came to the conclusion that there are better Forex to trade with than CoinBotLab. We cannot confirm whether CoinBotLab is a scam robot or not, but upon investigating we found a lot of traders’ comments and complaints about the performance of this Forex robot and we don’t have confirmation that it can achieve the profits advertised via email.

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