Click Trade App promises very high and quick profits to traders. But does this Forex Robot really work or is it a Scam?

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Our Robot Testers made a research of Click Trade App and found out that this Forex auto trading software does not rate highly. As an alternative we have selected our Top Safe Forex Auto Trading Systems along with detailed reviews for safe and secure trading.

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Click Trade App – Another Click Scam Hack?

According to the latest available information, the online trading share Forex take is rapidly getting more and more significant. Ordinary people willing to commence financial adventure get involved in dealing with online trading methods that are profitable and solid income-generating partners.

click trade app

Still, the whole picture is quite different. Due to the great demand for such solutions, the market is literally flooded with scam and unauthentic Forex systems, that drain people’s bank accounts and steal all their savings. In the review herein after, just another scam auto-trading software is going to be revealed – the Click Trade App, with CEO John Cross.

Click Trade App & Algobitex Algorithm – Overview

This may be a new automated trading software brand, but its story and description is well-worn and trivial. The same old stories of a really working and reliable robot that trades on the Forex  markets with just 1 click, fully automated achieving highly successful rates day after day in an infinite sequence. However, the reality is quite different. The official website of the solution is the first major sign this robot is scam and fake. The unprofessional manner it is designed in is a strong proof that people behind this system, and more specifically Mr. Cross, want only to mislead honest traders into putting their hard-earned savings into this losing bet.

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Scam Factor of Click Trade App

After the detailed inspection we conducted on Click Trade automated system’s performance we can conclude that this Forex robot is scam. It fails to generate the positive results it promises (90% success rate) and the negative traders’ feedback that is available in the Internet space is a great proof for that.

In addition, the website of the software is one of the really rare examples of trading robot’s web-page where there is no section with users’ testimonials, even fabricated ones. This means that there is no possibility this automated platform to be legit. The fake actor, that claims to be the CEO of the company, Mr. Cross, is extremely artificial and fails to provoke trust in the viewers.

Finally, there is a section with approval stamps supposedly issued to Click Trade App. Their role is to persuade traders that this automated robot is reliable and properly working income-increasing solution. However, it turns out that these stamps are nothing more but stolen images, with no reference and validity.

Click Trade App – Initial Steps

There are a few things traders need to complete before they can start placing trades. First, they have to watch the promotional video and sign-up in order to get access to the members’ area.
Then, new members should create personal accounts at the selected broker and then they are all ready for trading.


Finally, traders must deposit funds into their accounts. Most of the members fund their accounts with $250, and allegedly make about $800-2500 per day. However, this is not true, due to the fact that many former users of the Click Trade App complain that they have lost all their initial investment. Maybe this is the reason why, there is no information provided about the withdrawal process this robot maintains.

Final Thoughts on ClickTradeApp & Algobitex Algorithm

Given the circumstances we were unable not only to confirm any advantage Click Trade App states to have, but we discovered only negative testimonials and former users’ feedback, that denies all the profitability this robot claims to have. This is the reason why we suggest traders to stay away from this proved scam and continue their search for a properly working profits-generating solution.


high_risk_stamp_top10_BRAfter making a detailed investigation our team came to the conclusion that there are better Forex to trade with than Click Trade App. We cannot confirm whether Click Trade App is a scam robot or not, but upon investigating we found a lot of traders’ comments and complaints about the performance of this Forex robot and we don’t have confirmation that it can achieve the profits advertised via email.

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