BQ Options promises to generate significant and stable results in order to meet the expectations of its clients. But is this broker a Scam or Not?

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It is no coincidence that this broker is not recommended by many traders. This is the reason why we doubt that you will make the right choice if you choose to open an account with BQ Options.

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Bqoptions is one of the many available online trading brokers that promises consistent results, user-friendly interface, and reliable customer support service. The main statement of the team behind this investing software is that it is the only broker that truly places emphasis on its clients and their trading experience.

This is not really impressive and actually it is nothing unusual considering the fact that all the other similar platforms promises great results just to attract as many new members as possible. We call this a cheap advertising trick that doesn’t work anymore. This so due to the fact that even inexperienced traders already know that they should be careful when choosing their broker as most of the options are scam.

We inspected all the specifics, characteristics, and services of this online trading broker in order to offer to our readers a full list of details. They are directly related to the actual performance of the platform therefore, we strongly advise you to keep reading this scam review. This is the best way to decide on whether this broker is worth it or not.

First Look at the BQoptions Broker

The online trading broker is owned by B.O. TradeFinancials Ltd. This is a company which is located in the Republic of Cyprus. The creators of the platform claim that it has been regulated however we do not take this statement as a proof for legitimacy and high reliability. Creators claim that their product strictly abides by the policies and requirements set down by the financial regulator, which are set to protect investors. This serves as an assurance that all activities of the company are provided with complete fairness and transparency.

Another bold statement issued by the developing team behind the brokerage is that the platform is of the leading brokers in the online trading industry. We tried to learn more about the guys who have created this software but we couldn’t find any information regarding this matter. Based on our experience, we can only say that this is a red signal when it comes to legitimacy and authenticity of a given trading systems.

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How Does the Broker Work?

This brokerage is based and thus users will not need to install any additional applications to their desktop. This should turn it into a platform which you can easily you to trade with from anywhere and at any time. In addition, you are promised that you do not need to be experienced trader or financial specialist to get going. This is due to the fact that the interface is user-friendly.

There are also some training materials to speed up your learning process. Well, we are not sure how useful these materials are. As soon as you select your preferred account type you are promised to get access to a wide range of assets which include the top currencies, stocks, commodities, and indices.

Thanks to some allegedly latest technologies that are supposed to be implemented in the trading software, users should start generating significant and regular results.

All this is some basic and too insufficient information which does not answer to any of the important questions a trader may have.

Account Types

Here, we would like to provide you with some more specific information on the available account types this broker platform offers to its clients.

  • Starter – the minimum initial deposit here is $500. You will get 10% Deposit Bonus, but no access to risk-free trades, training materials or free signals.
  • Basic – the needed sum for this tier is $2,500. You will allegedly also get 12.5% Deposit Bonus, 3x risk-free trades, preliminary training ans some signals.
  • Prothe needed amount for this account is $5,000. The deposit bonus is 15% and you will also get 5 risk-free trades, access to basic training materials and some expert trading alerts.
  • Executive – for the most proficient tier you will need to invest at least $10,000. In return, you are promised to get 20% bonus, 10 risk-free trades, full training, and premium signals.


Is the Online Trading Broker a Scam?

We have revealed many disturbing and suspicious fact about this broker so we advise our readers not to deal with it but to proceed to safety. The platform is a potential scam therefore, we consider it dangerous to your pocket. We reviewed the available user reports from the online space and all of them were negative. This is the biggest proof which confirms our thesis.

Stay away from this broker and only deal with reputable and reliable trading partners. For example, we recommend the QProfit System, created by Jerry Douglas and compatible with some of the most reliable brokers.

Final Words

We really hoped that this broker will be authentic and reliable trading solution. Our investigation however, proved that it was nothing more than the next scam that tries to recruit clients for its bogus and fraudulent transactions. Follow our advice and stay as away as possible from this brokerage. This would be a smart decision for you as the product cannot provide you with any positive and satisfying results.


During our full investigation we checked all the services and features that BQ Options provides its traders. We outlined the most important information about BQ Options in this review and the general conclusion is that there are more reliable brokers than BQ Options with better reputation and higher overall score. Although there is no hard evidence that BQ Options is scam, we can neither confirm its safety nor legitimacy.

We strongly advise you to Proceed to Safety – with the highest reputation Forex broker, which was selected on the basis of the best performance results during our independent testing.




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