compareAre you willing to deal with Forex and CFD online trading, but you just don’t know which broker to go with. The marketplace is packed with scam brokers today and this is the reason why it is crucial to be aware of what exactly you should consider when signing with a particular broker or platform. The best thing to do is to compare a few Forex brokers. Such a comparison can help you pick a reliable and safe broker and it will also grant you a good trading experience. So, let’s just take a look at the steps involved in brokers comparison.

Is the Broker Regulated?

Not many brokers are licensed and regulated today. So when it comes to choosing a reliable broker, find out whether they are regulated by a financial regulatory body or not. Regulation would mean that the broker operates in compliance with the required laws. It would mean that your personal information and your investments will be in safe hands.

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How Efficient is the Customer Service?

Forex and CFD trading brokers that are reliable will have an efficient and responsive customer support team. Their staff will be friendly and knowledgeable. They will be able to respond to your queries and concerns quickly. In addition, they will offer a variety of mediums to contact them. A good broker will offer telephone support, support by email and live chat.

Are Trading Signals Offered?

Automated trading robots have become a very commonly spread income-generating solution over the past couple of years. Since the majority of the traders are looking for automated trading solutions, it is essential that the broker provides signal services for their customers. Trading signals must be offered to traders to help them maximize their profits. The signals must be sent via emails to the traders and not over phone. Traders must also be aware of the type of trading signals that the broker offers. The signals must be reliable and have a good accuracy rate.


Does the Broker Offer Good Returns?

If the broker you are looking to sign up with claim to offer 100% accuracy rates, then you must stay away from them. Most brokers like to boast high returns, but the fact is that they don’t really offer what they promise. Therefore, it is essential to conduct a brokers comparison to find out what their actual returns rate is. When comparing, you must choose the asset you want to trade and the time frame and then see which broker has the highest return rate for your preferred option. Depending on your preference, the average returns may range from 65% to 85%. You can increase these using an automated trading system.

Are Withdrawal Procedures Simple?

When a comparison of Forex brokers is being conducted, you should pay special attention to the withdrawal procedures, the time such a process takes and the methods of withdrawal that are available. You can test a broker simply by making a call to their customer support team and ask about their withdrawal procedures. A scam broker will most likely not answer your queries. Either the numbers they have provided will not work or they will not reply your emails. To find out more, you must also check out their FAQ section.

The above mentioned are parameters that every trader must know about when it comes to looking for a safe Forex and CFD trading broker. If you follow these parameters, you will be able to sign up with a broker or brokers platform you can generate a successful trading experience with.



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