For the past couple of years the overall popularity of the various cryptocurrencies has been steadily increasing. In this context, it is safe to say that more and more people and financial institutions around the globe start to except this digital currency as an exchange mean.

Many different recent financial reports state that the power of the Bitcoin is spreading to new peaks due to its high price. The simple arithmetic proves that the more the demand for a certain product is, the more its value is increasing. In other words, it is normal that its price is now around $7,000. This only comes to show the great potential of this cryptocurrency and the high demand for it.

2017 is the year of the total recognition and acceptance of this digital asset as a large number of retailers and even real estate listings have already accepted Bitcoin as a valid payment method.

In the following couple of paragraphs we are going to provide you with the most recent and valuable information regarding all the important news related to Bitcoin that you should know. Read the full text to understand the great power of this cryptocurrency.

Real Estate Listings Use Bitcoin to Increase Publicity

Apparently, an increased number of real estate listings has made available for purchase using Bitcoin. The curious fact here is that this situation doesn’t seem to meet the actual clients’ demand to pay with this digital currency therefore many specialists believe that some of the companies that use this business trick are just trying to provoke more publicity. This is a smart move as the increased interest to this news will attract the attention of the real estate buyers to the particular company.
The publicly shared listings include various kinds of properties – from normal and modest family houses to some multi-million dollar mansions. This however is an obvious attempt of these real-estate firms to generate profits by using media hype that is now surrounding Bitcoin.

Last month, a London mansion which was offered on the market was estimated at $22.38m. The curious thing here is that according to the co-founder of the real-estate company Mr. Lev Loginov, all the people who went to view the mansion and considered paying for it with Bitcoin were at the age of 30 years top. According to Loginov, this only proves the theory that many young people have gotten themselves involved in dealing with cryptocurrency at a really early age. As a result of their efforts, knowledge and smart decisions, they are now able to afford to pay a lot of crypto money to become in possession of real estate property.

Private Transactions Could Guarantee Anonymity to Bitcoin

When it comes to dealing with Bitcoin, the greatest part of the interested people claim that one of their top priority is the anonymity and the safe transaction environment. In this line of thinking, it is important to be said that recently, it was announced that progress had been made with testing Confidential Transactions in an update posted by Coinjoin developer Greg Maxwell.

In other words, it is obvious that cryptocurrency will continue to expand its popularity and value as more and more people will be preferring to use the digital currency as an exchange mean.

Wall Street Fears Bitcoin Could “Destabilize the Real Economy”

It seems that Wall Street does not approve the pending cryptocurrency futures market which is said to start before Christmas this year. As a result, some of the greatest financial specialists and experts have already started sharing their concerns to the public. Some of them even try to issue serious warnings regarding the Bitcoin stability as a digital currency.

There is an open letter by the CFTC Chairman J. Christopher Giancarlo which aims to warn about the future fate of the capital market. Some other prominent specialists even claim that Bitcoin futures should be isolated otherwise there is a serious risk related to the real economy destabilizing.

As you can see from the few news fragments we have pointed above, the financial world is dynamic and constantly changing. The future of Bitcoin is unknown however the tendency shows that more and more financial experts from all over the world lively discuss this topic as the situation in the market continues to evolve. No one knows what it is going to happen. One thing however is clear – Bitcoin is a factor that everyone takes into consideration and the reason for this lies in its increasing value and power as the most popular and demanded virtual currency at the moment.